SELMA: The Fierce Urgency of Now

What does courage look like? Does it come with confidence, the swagger of certainty?   Or does it spring from something more fragile, vulnerable, and costly? Selma offers a feature length portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that rises above clichés that drag so many bio-pics down. Far from a stodgy hagiography, Selma is enormously entertaining and remarkably resonant. King’s marches may look clear and strong in archival footage but what kinds of confusion and doubt preceded them?Selma tak … [Read more...]


So many movies, so little time. Why must Hollywood hold back their most ambitious movies all for the same month? Couldn’t they offer a few provocative choices each season?   Alas, the lure of awards causes the studios to cram too much good things into too small a space.   I start my best of 2014 list with an admission that I have yet to see such acclaimed flicks as BOYHOOD, INHERENT VICE, LOCKE, TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT, UNDER THE SKIN, LAST DAYS OF VIETNAM, and CITIZEN FOUR. As an advocate for these … [Read more...]


Just as most music critics had wrapped up their best of 2014 lists, D'Angelo dropped a musical gift anticipated for over a decade.   Torn up by the death of Eric Garner in New York, D'Angelo rush released "Black Messiah" with almost no advance notice.   Taking a page from Beyonce's surprise December 2013 release, D'Angelo snuck up on everyone with the funkiest and finest sounds of the year.  "Black Messiah" proved to be more than worth the wait.His liner notes link the title to "people risi … [Read more...]


British accents? Check.   Period clothes? Check.   Physical demanding role?   Yes, The Theory of Everything is definitely Oscar bait.While the title suggests a scientific treatise, The Theory of Everything actually delves into the mysteries of love and devotion. It is a celebration of the remarkable woman behind the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking.   Jane Wilde provides a dramatic counterbalance to the magnetic mind of the famed cosmologist. While he may have “a slight problem with th … [Read more...]


Dear White People is a letter (or film) addressed to people like me.   I am a college educated, indie film fan, aware of America’s tangled history of race relations, and eager to do the right thing. And yet, Dear White People senses that I (maybe even we) haven’t rooted out a curious fascination and indirect racism in my expectations.   We feel familiar enough with black folks to expect certain patterns and tendencies.   In slotting colleagues into such boxes, we further delimit the glorious poss … [Read more...]


I was so happy to miss Transformers: Age of Extinction in theaters.   Director Michael Bay engages in such an unrelenting assault on the senses.   The cuts and crashes happen so fast and so frequently that audiences rarely have time to consider what is actually transpiring onscreen.   Most viewers don’t care where Optimus Prime and the Autobots have come from or how Mark Wahlberg became an inventor in rural Texas with a Boston townie accent.   We want to see metal crunch metal. This time they’ve … [Read more...]

WHIPLASH: What Price Glory?

Whiplash is the bracing flip-side to Mr. Holland’s Opus, an exploration of how cruel and demanding teachers may drive students to dizzying heights (if they don’t destroy them in the process). It is feel good film about a feel bad teacher, Terence Fletcher, and his driven student, Andrew Neyman. Whiplash depicts the hours of practice necessary to achieve genuine excellence, but it also questions the wisdom of such a single-minded pursuit.  Andrew wants to be a game-changing musician associated wit … [Read more...]

Musical Healing in God Help the Girl

Where does music come from? Is there a deity who bestows the perfect pop songs?   Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian desperately wants to craft the ultimate three minute single.   From “If You’re Feeling Sinister” in 1996 to the “The Life Pursuit” in 2006, Murdoch has polished his songwriting chops, updating the sixties sounds of Burt Bacharach through an arresting Scottish lilt.   Murdoch’s effervescent new musical, God Help the Girl, melds psychosis and spirituality into an arresting mélange … [Read more...]

Calvary and the Cost of Following God

How shall the Roman Catholic Church pay for her sins? Legal judgments have been rendered and financial compensation awarded to the victims.   And yet, nobody seems too satisfied.   The specter of sin still lingers in the church rafters.In his short tenure, Pope Francis has done so much to repair the tarnished image of the Roman Catholic Church.   His surprising acts of kindness have superseded the reports we’d come to dread of another cover up of another priest in another parish.   Pope Franc … [Read more...]

Jesus in the Movies: A Complicated History

After Son of God, Noah, and God’s Not Dead demonstrated strong box office appeal, the media has dubbed 2014 as “The Year of the Biblical Epic.”   Stories in the Los Angeles Times, Fox News, NPR, The Daily Beast, U.S. News and World Report and The Telegraph have chronicled this 'flood' of faith fueled films.  Another religiously themed movie opens this week:  Randall Wallace's stirring adaptation of the bestseller, Heaven is For Real.   Later this year, Christian Bale will take on the mantle of Mo … [Read more...]