The Briefing with Albert Mohler: Neil Gorsuch, Senate Filibusters & the LGBTQ Revolution Plays Hardball – Headlines from a Christian Worldview Read more

Jesus’ Three “Legal” Trials – Pilate knew that Jesus was absolutely innocent, yet sentenced Him to die anyway in the most barbaric manner devised by man. Read more

William Lane Craig discusses Walter Sinnott-Armstrong’s logic regarding atheism, theism, and the beginning of the universe. Read more

Stephen Nichols tells the tale of Marcion and Polycarp’s first meeting when Polycarp called Marcion the “firstborn son of the devil”. Read more

Jill Savage, author of “No More Perfect Marriages” and Kristi Clover engage in A Candid Conversation on Marriage & How to Affair Proof Yours! Read more

If we are to make sense of anything Jesus said or did, we must understand how grace relates to sin. Sin is the backdrop to the wondrous message of grace. Read more

Eric Metaxas discusses how artist Makoto Fujimura encourages Christians to lead in cultural arts instead of fighting against secular artists Read more

In landmark case regarding separation of church and state and religious discrimination, State of Georgia demanded a pastor turn over his sermons Read more

Pastor John Piper answers a listener’s question regarding what the Bible says about marriage and divorce: How Can My Difficult Marriage Glorify Christ? Read more

The Bible is very clear that with few exceptions, Christians must obey government officials even when we disagree with them or their decisions Read more

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