Story Team Weekly: Fiercely Loved

“I was basically like a sex slave and a mistress for him.”After being exposed to pornography at a young age, Lorraine found herself wanting to live a life of worldly pleasure. For years she tried to find her fulfillment in sex and in men. Desperate for real love, Lorraine quit college in order to have an affair with a man in Sweden for several months. When that relationship painfully ended, Lorraine was left at her breaking point, searching for a way out.This is her story: “I remember di … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 140: Is Faith Our Reality?

[display_podcast]Many years ago I worked as a Medical Staff Coordinator in the Administrative Department of our local hospital.  I had worked my way up from the Cardiovascular Department to the one job that no one else could do, or so I thought.  I felt pretty secure in my job, and as a single mom knew that it could only get better from there……Until the day I was fired.I was called into the CEO’s office and let go due to layoffs in the hospital in general.  The Administrative secretar … [Read more...]

Reasonable Faith Podcast: Is the Multiverse Dead?

Dr. Craig comments on a controversial radio show featuring Jeff Zweerink and "Skydive Phil" on the 'multiverse' and fine-tuning arguments. [display_podcast]KEVIN HARRIS: You know, I was wondering – if there is a multiverse then maybe one dollar is actually two dollars in the next universe, and then if you keep adding the universes you keep adding dollars, and if there’s an infinite number of universes then you have an actual infinite number of dollars in your bank account. I was trying to fi … [Read more...]

White Horse Inn: The Greatest Story Ever Told

[display_podcast]The Bible did not fall down from heaven as a sourcebook for spirituality, personal life-lessons, or even as a collection of doctrines. Rather, it should primarily be understood as a report of an unfolding drama that took place in real space and time history that culminates in the life of a particular Jew born in Bethlehem in the days of Caesar Augustus.If this story isn’t true, it should be completely rejected and set aside. But if it is true, then we will find ourselves … [Read more...]

5 Minutes in Church History: As John Calvin Spoke from the Pulpit

In this episode of 5 Minutes in Church History, Dr. Stephen Nichols discusses the lesser known pastoral side of John Calvin.John Calvin’s sermons on Ephesians are a wonderful text. In the introduction to the Banner of Truth Trust’s edition of these sermons, the editors note that as we think about Calvin’s writings, we have his sermons, his commentaries, and his Institutes of the Christian Religion, but: “In these pages, we hear Calvin. Not as we do in his Institutes, which were so carefully … [Read more...]

First Liberty Briefing: How Should We Balance Religious Liberty And Health Safety Concerns?

An Amish group in Western Kentucky is claiming that the City of Auburn is targeting them with a horse manure ordinance. The question is, how should we balance religious liberty and health safety concerns in AmericaThank you for joining us for the First Liberty Briefing, an exclusive podcast where host Jeremy Dys—also First Liberty Senior Counsel—provides an insider’s look at the stories, cases, people and laws that have made America the world’s leader in protecting religious liberty. In West … [Read more...]