The Many Gifts in Your Life

Every relationship in your life can bring a gift, including

a parent’s undying sacrifice, 
a spouse’s unconditional love, 
a friend’s sweet understanding, 
a client’s tender trust, or
a child’s innocent respect for you.

Without the gift of your appreciation,

undying sacrifice can morph into angry despair,
unconditional love turns into unrelenting bitterness,
sweet understanding becomes cold disconnect,
tender trust easily transforms into rash rejection,
and innocent respect grows into stubborn defiance.

Be patient, proactive, and positive by appreciating your gifts now, 
to keep the blessings flowing.

And if you don’t feel the blessings, then be the gift to someone.

But don’t take my word for it. Find out the personal experiences and stories that lead to this discovery in East Meets West: Parenting from the Best of Both Worlds 


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