Talks from Doxacon 2017–Christian Sci-Fi/Fantasy Con

If you all missed Doxacon this past summer, you can still hear the presentations here. I spoke on “The Humiliation of Authority in Horror Movies,” aka why is it that if you are in a horror movie you should trust the old, the very young, the mentally unwell, the ethnic or nonwhite, and the traditionally religious? Or, put the other way around, why is it that if a priest or a child or a dotty old cat lady rambling about The Old Ways is correct… you’re in a horror movie?

This presentation isn’t as fully-baked as I’d like–I wish I’d incorporated Get Out toward the end as a kind of anti-Candyman, for example–but I think there’s good stuff in it and I would be interested in your comments as I try to work it into a written piece. I had a great time at Doxacon and heartily recommend it.

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