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9/27, 10:29a CT: The comments are still screwy.  Please forgive us.


9/27, 10:27a CT: George Lakoff lists 12 traps for progressives. Nutshell: talk principles, not policies.


9/26, 9:58p CT:
Commonweal Magazine intrigues Tom Donnelly and irks Denis McDonough.


9/26, 3:35p CT: The Sierra Club's Melanie Griffin and theologian Robin Lovin talk creation care.


9/26, 11:10a CT:
Amy Sullivan says this and theologian Chuck Gutenson says that about torture.

(Late update: Atrios takes notice.)


9/26, 9:21a CT:
Perfect Timing Department… Atrios and Crooks and Liars call on Faithful Democrats to talk torture; our own Patrick Whelan was just finishing this post on the subject. Meanwhile, check out this pro-Jesus, anti-torture video from the Kos community and Pastor Dan on torture and evil.

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