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Faithful Democrats Joins Patheos
The Leading Democrats Faith & Politics Blog Will Anchor News & Politics Channel

WASHINGTON, DC – announced today that it will be joining, the largest independent religion site on the web.  As part of this partnership, Faithful Democrats will anchor Patheos’ newly launched News & Politics portal.

Faithful Democrats was founded in 2006 to provide a voice for conversations on faith in the Democratic Party.  In 2006 and 2008, Faithful Democrats served as one of the leading faith and politics blogs, creating space for Christians seeking a better and more complete application of faith to the public square.  Faithful Democrats played an important role in reshaping the national conversation that closed the “God Gap” and resulted in dramatic swings for Democrats among faith voters.  After a hiatus following the ’08 election, Faithful Democrats was relaunched in 2011. The site has been featured on prominent media outlets including CNN, and MSNBC.

“The core belief of Faithful Democrats is that Democrats are stronger when we speak from our values and Christianity is stronger when we embrace the full Gospel,” said Eric Sapp, one of the site’s original bloggers.  “This new partnership with Patheos will help us continue our work to strengthen both the Democratic message and Christian witness.”

Patheos features more than 150 bloggers and columnists representing more than a dozen faith traditions and has 3 million unique visitors a month.  Patheos’ mission to “host the whole conversation on faith” is carried out through multi-faith symposiums, robust faith channels, a diverse home page and an impressive community of the best and brightest bloggers in the religion blogosphere.

Faithful Democrats will feature blog posts exploring the theological and ethical underpinnings of policy and politics along with reflections on the most pressing issues of the day.  Contributors will include veteran Democratic consultants and strategists, pastors, activists, and rising leaders in the progressive faith and politics world.


About Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson serves as Director of External Communications at The Riverside Church in the City of New York. She is an ordained Baptist minister who has spent her career working at the intersection of faith and the public sphere. Rachel holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and a MAR in Theology from Yale Divinity School. Rachel has worked with churches, non-profits, denominational groups, and political organizations to develop strategic outreach campaigns on a wide range of issues, including creation care and climate change, nuclear security, human rights, international development and peace building, domestic poverty, healthcare, and the intersection of faith in the public sphere. Follow her on Twitter at @rachelnoelj

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