Gun Violence: Prep Guide

Core Message:

Congress chose to legalize the gun that killed the Newtown children. It’s time to make it right. 


Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Would closing the private sales loophole prevent private citizens from selling firearms?

A: Yes, gun show loophole legislation allows for private sales to continue, so long as a background check is performed on the buyer.

Q: Are guns that are commonly called assault weapons more dangerous than other firearms?

A: Yes, assault weapons are designed to be more lethal than other firearms.

Q: Have any proposals been put forward which would result in federal gun confiscation?

A: No, an assault weapons ban would allow current owners to keep their weapons.

Q: Does the public support gun violence prevention measures?

A: Yes, specific proposals, such as the assault weapons ban and requiring background checks on every gun purchase, have strong public support.

Q: Does the NRA have the ability to remove from office politicians who support stronger gun laws?

A: The NRA’s ability to influence electoral cutcomes has been vastly overstated by the media. 95% of the money the NRA spent in 2012 went to losing races.


How to respond?

When they say: “An attempt to regulate firearms is in violation of the Second Amendment.”

We reply: “The Supreme Court says guns can be regulated in a manner consistent with the Second Amendment.”

When they say: “Weaker gun laws lead to lower crime rates.”

We reply: “Greater firearm availability is actually linked to higher rates of homicide and suicide.”

When they say: “The Obama administration has proposed using an executive order to outlaw guns.”

We reply: “Executive order proposals on gun violence have not involved restricting weapons that law-abiding Americans can purchase.”


For the full Message Matters memo, click here.

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  • Cory

    NY is the most corrupt state in the nation. Bushmaster Firearms (used in the Newtown killings) are made in NY. Cuomo wont tell you that. All New Yorkers must be held liable for the Newtown slayings for allowing Bushmaster to be made there.

    • jerry lynch


  • james jordan

    Cory thats a bit over the top. Maybe you should be held responsible too since you know about it.
    The state of new york actually passed a pretty good law and the politicians worked together. that in itself was pretty amazing.
    The brand of weapon is irrelevant. What if it had been made in arizona .. would you blame arizona people?

  • sailor1031

    Q: Would closing the private sales loophole prevent private citizens from selling firearms?
    A: NO, gun show loophole legislation allows for private sales to continue, so long as a background check is performed on the buyer.

    Q: Are guns that are commonly called assault weapons more dangerous than other firearms?
    A: NO, SO-CALLED “assault weapons” (real assault weapons are fully automatic) are no more lethal than other semi-automatic firearms that also have the ability to be used with a large capacity magazine. These weapons are still one-shot-per-triggerpull. For instance the Ruger SR-22 and 10/22 look quite different but have the same magazine capacity and fire the same 22LR ammunition. Granted the SR-22 looks a lot more lethal, being designed to give the average gunfondler more tactile pleasure and stimulate daydreams, but it isn’t any more lethal. In fact many standard autoloading hunting rifles are a good deal more lethal than the military-based 223-caliber semi-autos – what with firing 44-magnums and all. IMO It’s the magazine capacity (30 – 100 rounds) that makes these weapons so dangerous.

  • Cory

    James, it was meant to be over the top. The truth of the matter is why should all law abiding people be subject to criminal investigation over the actions of lunatic? Demonizing the gun owners of New York is not the answer.

  • Cory

    Sailor1031, high capacity magazines are often aftermarket pieces of crap that are prone to jamming. In Aurora and Clackamas, the guns jammed. The same results in Newtown would have occured regardless of magazine size.

    Forcing regulations on magazine capacity won’t keep people intent on doing harm from seeking them.

  • Brad

    First post here. For the record, I’m an atheist, but am seeking answers to some questions I’ll post below. Also, I really admire the sub-title to “Faithful Democrats.” In fact, it ties directly into the nature of my questions. I guess I know about twenty devout evangelical men reasonably well. Somewhat strangely to me, all but one of these men own considerable collections of firearms , including military style weapons. One even owned a high-powered rifle with a silencer – until it was stolen. Conversely, not a single one of the atheists I know possesses a working firearm (although I know of a couple of gun owning atheists through the internet, Sam Harris being one according to his blog).

    Here are my questions:
    If Jesus were among us today, would Jesus own, or wish to own, a Glock or an AR-15 or a similar weapon?
    If Jesus were among us today, would Jesus own a high-capacity magazine for a firearm?
    What kind of firearms would Jesus own, if any?
    If Jesus were among us today and owned a firearm of any sort, would Jesus be interested in armor-piercing or frangible ammunition?
    If Jesus were among us today and was a U.S. citizen, would he be concerned at all about his rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution, or would his thoughts and actions be focused entirely differently?
    In short, regarding guns, WWJD? And if the answer to the above questions would in general be no, what’s up with so many Christians and their devotion to guns?

  • Brad

    And by the way, the arsenal owing Christians I know are all Republicans. The one Christian I know who is not prepared to shoot his way out of “Armed – a- geddon” is a Democrat and a Methodist minister.
    Therein lies more questions and no doubt part of the answers…

  • turning fifty3

    The best argument for sane restrictions on gun is the Constitution itself. As the preamble makes clear, the purpose of the constitution is “to insure domestic tranquility.” A professor at Biola University lays out the case pretty well, and also addresses Christians who think that the Bible supports unrestricted access to “weapons of mass destruction” (= assault weapons). He has a couple posts on the subject. Here’s the link to the first post if anyone is interested: