Celebrating the Power of Light at Christmas

At every Christmas Eve service my favorite part is always the final singing of Silent Night. Watching the warm orange and yellow light from the flickering candles one-by-one is a joyous sight as new faces, old faces, and those who have been away the past year are welcomed into one union celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014

My Christmas tradition is spent with my in-laws in rural central Pennsylvania with congregations comprised of many who would not consider themselves progressive or Democrats. But at Christmas, these delineations are unnecessary. As the lights slowly dim, and the candles transform the sanctuary from dark to light, the only truth that matters is the faith in a higher power, a supreme being, a king to save the human race from sin.

This is why I love the power of faith. It unites. The sole focus is the light that God gives us all as we share the Christmas spirit. I want to remember this light in 2015 because our differences aren’t so great. We’re going to accomplish great things in 2015.

From all of us here at Faithful Democrats, we wish you all a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Joe G

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