Grey’s Anatomy Is Doing a ‘Revirginization’ Storyline

Two things. One, Grey’s Anatomy is somehow still on the air. Two, it is doing a storyline about a born-again virgin.

The character April, played by Sarah Drew (note: I loathe the character of April, but Sarah Drew will forever be awesome because of her work on Daria, Everwood, and Mad Men, and, hey, girl’s gotta work), began her stint on the show as a virgin and devout Christian, which set her in contrast to all the on-call-room-sex-having doctors in the place. However, in a moment of weakness, she gave into a crush on her coworker Jackson and they had sex. Jackson saw the hookup as a hookup, while April went into a religious freakout and wondered if she’d lost her faith. (Fun fact: in real life, Drew is married to a religion professor.)

Fast forward: after a period away from Seattle Grace, April is back to work. However, she informed Jackson that she’s “revirginizing.” Luckily, she’s talking about the spiritual kind that involves a lot of prayer instead of the medical one to restore your hymen, although with this show you never know for sure. It is nice to see someone on this show who spends more time actually being a doctor than sleeping with other ones, but considering the heavyhanded way they handle most social issues, it’s only a matter of time until April’s religion gets put aside in favor of some sweeps-week sex scenes.

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