Prayer to Holy Sophia (the Holy Spirit)

Holy Sophia, God’s companion at Creation, instruct this Pilgrim in your Creative Ways;

Field of Sunflowers, instill this Lover of Christ with the Holy Fire of Creative Love;

Morning Mist, bless this Sojourner with Creative Discernment.



Holy Spirit, teach this Child to recognize, accept, and not fear Creative Revelation;

Gentle Breeze, reveal to me Grand Inquisitors inconvenienced by the Creative One;

Evergreen, counsel this Disciple to walk with and not hide behind Creative Divinity.



Divine Wisdom, fill this Spiritual Explorer with Creative Hunger and Mysticism;

Mother of the Arts, mentor this Follower in the ways of Creative Growth and Solutions; 

Mountain Majesty, empower this Wanderer to Create Heaven on earth with Creative Acts. 



© Paul Peter Jesep 2011

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