Chiwetel Ejiofor to play the apostle Peter in Mary Magdalene


With Rooney Mara playing Mary Magdalene and Joaquin Phoenix playing Jesus, there has been some concern that Garth Davis’s Mary Magdalene movie might give us yet another “whitewashed” version of the New Testament. But this latest bit of news could put that to rest: Deadline reports that Chiwetel Ejiofor, who was Oscar-nominated for his starring role in 12 Years a Slave, is in talks to play the apostle Peter.

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Watch: Scotty meets Jaylah in a clip from Star Trek Beyond, plus a few new TV spots and London premiere footage


Star Trek Beyond has now had two premieres — one in Australia and one in the UK — and there still aren’t any reviews online. We do, however, have a new clip, in which Scotty meets the brand new character Jaylah (played by Kingsman: The Secret Service’s Sofia Boutella) after escaping the destruction of the Enterprise.

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Watch: For King & Country’s music video for Ben-Hur


If you watched last Sunday’s Ben-Hur simulcast, you’ve already seen the music video for ‘Ceasefire’, the song that was used in the most recent trailer for that film. Today that video, which features the Christian pop band For King & Country as well as some new footage from the film, went public via the Entertainment Weekly website.

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Is this the biggest year for animated movies ever?


Here’s a fun trivia bit: animated movies have been #1 at the box office for the past four weeks (three weeks for Finding Dory and one week for The Secret Life of Pets), and the last time animation ruled the box office for such a long stretch was three years ago, when Monsters University and Despicable Me 2 were #1 for two weeks each.

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Interview: Christy Beam (Miracles from Heaven, 2016)


There have been a few films lately based on the stories of people who say they caught a glimpse of Heaven during a near-death experience. Miracles from Heaven — which comes out on DVD today — adds an interesting wrinkle to the genre: in this case, a girl who has been suffering from a rare digestive order for years falls into a hollow tree and has her vision there, and once she is rescued, it turns out she is healed.

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Win a copy of Miracles from Heaven on Blu-Ray!

miraclesfromheavenAnother month, another Blu-Ray giveaway! Last month I marked the debut of my new Facebook page by giving away a copy of Risen, and this month I’m giving away a copy of Miracles from Heaven on Blu-Ray (and Digital), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The disc includes an audio commentary by director Patricia Riggen and screenwriter Randy Brown, featurettes on the making of the film as well as the real-life family that inspired it, and some powerful deleted scenes. Click here for details on how you can win your very own copy of this film, and stay tuned for my interview with the real-life Christy Beam.