Interview: Chipo Chung on speaking in tongues, finding laughter on a serious set, being a woman in a man’s world, and playing Mary Magdalene in A.D. The Bible Continues


One of the many noteworthy things about A.D. The Bible Continues is the way it emphasizes the connections within the New Testament by drawing several characters from the gospels into the events of the book of Acts. Another is the way it focuses on the role played by the women of that era.

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Watch: Philip is the original vanishing hitchhiker, and more, in three new clips from A.D. The Bible Continues


If it’s Wednesday, it must be time for more clips from A.D. The Bible Continues — and the latest batch includes a rare depiction of one of the more unusual bits from the book of Acts. Check it out, along with the other clips, below the jump.

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Watch: The apostles say farewell to Saul, and more, in three new clips from A.D. The Bible Continues


A.D. The Bible Continues is back to falling in the ratings again. The series scored its lowest ratings ever last night, after a brief uptick the week before.

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Watch: The ninth episode of digital talk show Beyond A.D.


In this week’s Beyond A.D., host Jason Kennedy discusses last week’s episode of A.D. The Bible Continues with pastor Derwin L. Gray, author Michelle McKinney Hammond and filmmaker David A.R. White. The show also features a new clip from tonight’s episode of A.D. and a musical performance by NewSong.

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A.D. The Bible Continues — season one, episode nine


Season 1, Episode 9 — ‘Saul’s Return’
Acts 9:20-27

Editing Acts, redux. The ninth episode of A.D. The Bible Continues, like a couple of the episodes that preceded it, dwells on just a few verses from the book of Acts.

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Idris Elba to star in Laurence Fishburne’s The Alchemist


Six months ago, I mentioned that Laurence Fishburne was developing an adaptation of Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist. At the time, Fishburne was going to play Melchizedek — a king who may be based on the biblical character of that name (I’ve never read the book) — and Javier Bardem was going to play the Alchemist.

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