Watch: Desmond Doss refuses to fight back, and rescues one of his comrades, in two clips from Hacksaw Ridge


Before he faced combat on the front lines, Desmond Doss — a World War II medic who refused to carry a weapon because of his religious beliefs — had to face his fellow troops. A new clip from Hacksaw Ridge shows how some of Doss’s fellow soldiers bullied him and called him a “coward” for refusing to kill or fight back.

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Newsbites: The independent Christian film edition!


Here are three quick news items that came up over the past week.

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Box office: The Accountant balances the books in North America, while Inferno heats up ticket sales overseas


A thriller starring Ben Affleck topped the North American box office this week, but the biggest winner globally was a Da Vinci Code sequel that opened overseas.

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Robert Powell will mark the 40th anniversary of Jesus of Nazareth with a new documentary miniseries


Next year marks the 40th anniversary of Franco Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth — still regarded by many as one of the best Jesus films ever made — and to celebrate this milestone, the Smithsonian Channel has announced that it will air a new documentary series featuring scenes from the film and brand-new footage of its star Robert Powell touring the Holy Land and talking to scholars about the historical Jesus.

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Watch: Two more TV spots for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge


Another week, another pair of Hacksaw Ridge TV spots.

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Watch: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has an actual space battle — and goes to Iceland — in its newest trailer


Disney released a new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story today, and it consists almost entirely of new footage from the film. It also hints at an extra Bible-movie connection that I hadn’t anticipated. Check it out below the jump.

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