Watch: New featurette uses evangelical jargon to sell Risen


If you’ve been following the arts-and-faith debate for any length of time, then you know that there is a strong, strong impulse on the part of some of the faithful to either reject the arts as something scary and ambiguous or to embrace the arts for purely utilitarian reasons. Art, it is often felt, must have a clear message — ideally one that furthers “our” agenda — and if the message in any given work of art isn’t clear, then it is something to be avoided and distrusted, lest it take us off-message.

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Awards, awards, awards!


While the world waits with breathless anticipation for the Oscar nominations to be announced on Thursday morning, the various critics’ groups out there have been revealing their own picks for the best films of 2015. I happen to be a member of two such groups, and we’ve made announcements of our own over the last week or so.

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Darren Aronofsky’s next film will star Jennifer Lawrence


We’re fans of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah here at FilmChat, and indeed we’ve been fans of Aronofsky going all the way back to his first feature film π. (Click here to read the phone interview I did with him in 1998. I interviewed him again in 2014.)

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Sex, diversity, accuracy and more: the Of Kings & Prophets producers speak


Two weeks ago, I linked to a story about the sex scenes in Of Kings and Prophets and wondered how graphic they could really be, given that this series is being made for network television. Well, now we have a partial answer: the producers, speaking on a panel to promote the series yesterday, said the network might put racier versions of the episodes online, after the more censored versions have aired on television.

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The Lumo Project asks British churches to help with the premiere of the first-ever adaptation of Mark’s gospel


Phase one of The Lumo Project is complete. Now it’s time for phase two.

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Risen dropped a major character “due to time constraints”?


Risen doesn’t come to theatres for another month and a half, but the novelization by Angela Hunt has been out for a couple weeks now — and it reveals that a major character was cut from the movie sometime after it was shot.

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