Plus featurettes, interviews with the filmmakers, and a speech by co-star Jim Caviezel. Read more

Plus: some interviews with director Garth Davis and co-stars Rooney Mara (who plays Mary Magdalene) and Joaquin Phoenix (who plays Jesus). Read more

Ava DuVernay’s disappointingly clunky movie expunges everything from the book that is specifically Christian. Read more

A screenwriting announcement for one, and casting news for the other. Read more

The film comes to theatres across North America on March 23. Read more

The Oscar for Best Picture used to go big box-office hits. Lately, not so much. Read more

Critics complain that the film is too respectful, not passionate enough, among other things. Read more

Pure Flix’s movie about “the first superhero” ended up with one of the worst first-weekend grosses of any biblical drama, or any “faith-based” film that got released on over a thousand screens. Read more

The makers of Samson talk about the films that inspired it, the quasi-prophetic signs that paved the way for them to be in the film, and the connection between this film and a recent Bible-themed TV series. Read more

Two very different action movies opened this week: one big-budget and based on a comic-book, and the other a more modest biblical adaptation. Read more

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