The Chosen — season two, episode one

The Chosen — season two, episode one July 5, 2022

Season 2, Episode 1 — ‘Thunder’
Mark 3; Luke 9; John 4

Synopsis. In the early AD 40s, the disciples are mourning the death of Big James. John decides he needs to write an account of Jesus’ life before more disciples die, so that the things Jesus said and did won’t be forgotten. In AD 26, Jesus is teaching the crowds in Samaria. Big James and John begin to assert their authority over the other disciples, much to the annoyance of Simon. Thomas and Ramah arrive in Samaria and join the disciples. Jesus heals a lame Samaritan whose past misdeeds may have inspired one of Jesus’ parables. Jesus and the disciples then spend the night at Photina’s home. Big James and John ask Jesus to call fire down from heaven on some Samaritans who threw stones at them, but Jesus chastises the two disciples instead. A Samaritan priest asks Jesus to speak at the local synagogue. John listens as Jesus reads from the opening verses of Genesis. In the AD 40s, as John thinks back on all these things, he bases the opening verses of his gospel on those verses from Genesis.

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