Jesus gets a digital tummy-tuck

Comparing the Crucifixion in the trailer for Risen with the scene as it appeared in the finished film itself. Read more

Box office: Office Christmas Party nearly topples Moana

The fifth film to co-star Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston landed in the middle of their opening weekends together. Read more

Box office: Manchester by the Sea leads a pack of Oscar hopefuls in limited release in an otherwise slow week

Other independent films with awards buzz doing well this week include Loving, Moonlight and Jackie. Read more

The Star — the first major-studio animated feature based on the New Testament — has a plot synopsis now

The story revolves around a donkey named Bo, a sheep named Ruth, a dove named Dave, and “three wisecracking camels”. Read more

The Nativity Story marks its 10th anniversary today

Politics, nudity, ethnicity and more: a quick rundown of some of the articles and blog posts I have written about this film. Read more

Watch: Sam Worthington gets a visit from the three persons of the Trinity in the first trailer for The Shack

Plus: this isn’t the only film coming out soon in which a grieving father is visited by three supernatural beings. Read more

Watch: The making of the sea-galley sequence in Ben-Hur

Director Timur Bekmambetov talks about the influence of YouTube on the naval battle, among other things. Read more

Watch: The stars of Ben-Hur (now on Digital HD) talk about the dangers of chariot driving — including gassy horses

The film came out on Digital HD today. The Blu-Ray comes out December 13. Read more

Box office: Moana sails to the top of the charts

But the news was not so good for Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton or Warren Beatty. Plus: Doctor Strange and Arrival passed significant milestones this week. Read more

Watch: The trailer for Martin Scorsese’s Silence, about the persecution of Catholic converts in 17th-century Japan

Scorsese has wanted to make this film for nearly 30 years. Read more

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