Ben-Hur news round-up: the need for forgiveness, and more


Just a few quick notes about some Ben-Hur things that popped up last week.

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Watch: Rihanna sings in the final trailer for Star Trek Beyond


Star Trek Beyond isn’t the first Star Trek film to feature a new song on its soundtrack, but it just might be the first to put its song front-and-centre in a movie trailer.

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Box office: Independence Day and Free State of Jones flop while Finding Dory and The Shallows thrive in the water


They had 20 years to prepare a sequel … and it more or less flopped in North America.

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Prophet Joseph — episodes nineteen and twenty


Synopsis. Joseph is led into the prison, which is full of chaos and filth. One of the first things he sees is Ninifer Keptah — a former member of Potiphar’s guard who was sent to prison years ago when Joseph, then 11, tricked him into confessing a crime — beating another prisoner almost to death. Joseph intervenes, and the warden has both Joseph and Ninifer Keptah lashed. But the warden takes a liking to Joseph when Nemisabu arrives with a care package and a note from one of Potiphar’s officers that speaks highly of Joseph and says the warden should not let Joseph’s organizational talents go to waste. Before long, Joseph has convinced the other prisoners to clean the jail. Meanwhile, the priests of Amon start searching for Apopis, who was supposed to kill the Pharaoh for them but is now stuck in the same prison as Joseph.

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Watch: The first nine minutes of Miracles from Heaven


Miracles from Heaven came out via iTunes and other digital services yesterday, but if you’re still not sure whether you want to see one of the top-grossing “faith-based” films of all time, the studio has posted the first nine-and-a-half minutes of the movie to YouTube, in the hope that you’ll take the plunge and pay to see the rest.

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Sony Animation’s “first Christmas” cartoon has a new title


Sony Animation unveiled its slate for the next two years today, announcing release dates for Hotel Transylvania 3, an animated Spider-Man movie, and more. Along the way, they also revealed that The Lamb, their “faith-based” animated take on the Nativity featuring “an all-animal cast”, has a new working title: The Star.

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