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#FolkloreThursday: Digital Folklore & Internet Folklore

For today’s #FolkloreThursday post, I’m going to define digital folklore and internet folklore, give some examples of each, and discuss how and why we study them. Here, I follow internet folklore scholar Trevor Blank in defining folklore as ” the outward expression of creativity—in myriad forms and interactions—by individuals and their communities” (6). Internet folklore, [Read More…]

Workaholic Missives: Sometimes I’m A Shitty Friend

In my Workaholic Missives post series, I talk (mostly abstractly) about the toll that being a workaholic takes on my social life, and how I navigate it. This post is specifically about friendships. Being a super-busy person means being really mercenary about how I spend my time. This, unfortunately, includes my social time. I can’t be [Read More…]

Why #AskDrPence Is the Best Thing on the Internet

I haven’t written much about internet folklore (maybe in an upcoming #FolkloreThursday post?), but let me briefly state this: folklore circulates on the internet, it’s not just limited to “oral tradition,” and digital/internet folklore is just as interesting to scholars as the really old stuff. In case you haven’t seen it in the news, Indiana [Read More…]

#FolkloreThursday: The Easter/Ishtar/Ostara Thing & Invented Traditions

Hey, I’m starting a blog post series! It’s titled #FolkloreThursday in honor of the Twitter hashtag that celebrates folklore once a week. Some of the hashtag is “hey did you know?” type stuff, and some is more scholarly. I try to contribute something every so often, but with this blog post series, I’m initiating a regular [Read More…]

On Being a Mostly-Atheist Folklorist

Thus far in my time at Patheos, I’ve introduced myself and established why having a folklorist at Patheos is an awesome idea. Now I’ll talk about why I’m here, at the atheist channel, which requires going into a bit of personal background. I was raised in a half-Christian, half-Jewish family in suburban southern California. Both [Read More…]

Why Have a Folklore Blogger at Patheos

As I stated in my intro post, I’m excited to be bringing my decade+ of academic folklore training to this blog. But maybe you’re wondering…what is folklore, and why is it relevant to a blog about religion, spirituality, and atheism? The way we define it, folklore is traditional, informally transmitted culture. Maybe you’ve heard someone [Read More…]

Introducing the Foxy Folklorist Blog

Unless you already follow me on Twitter (@foxyfolklorist), you’re probably wondering… what the heck is a foxy folklorist? Maybe a kitsune came to mind, or maybe you thought of the trickster foxes of European folktales, or the trickster fox’s more recent filmic incarnation The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I do like to think of myself as participating [Read More…]