Mitt Romney’s Commencement Speech at Liberty University

Great news for evangelical Romney supporters – you are not alone!

Despite primary struggles with evangelical voters evidenced by losses in southern Bible Belt states, Mitt Romney has a large lead over President Barack Obama among white evangelical voters, a poll released Thursday showed.

The Public Religion Research Institute poll showed Obama carrying Catholic and mainline Protestant voters, as well as voters who did not identify a particular denomination.

Romney’s lead among white evangelicals was nearly 50 percentage points, as 68% chose him and 19% chose Obama in the survey.

This weekend, he even addressed the graduating class at Liberty University.

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  • Dr. Charles Hughes

    I heard the commencement message to the graduates . A national leader and current presidential candidate honored the graduates with his coming . He spoke to what may have been the largest crowd ever assembled in our town on a Saturday morning . (over 30,000) Evangelist Luis Pulau gave a gospel focus preceding him .

  • Jim Tills

    What an incredible man of God Mitt Romney is! Common values, love of this great Nation, respect for those of different religious persuation, the skills and experience needed to turn this Nation back to the values of the Founding Fathers as found in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and a person of conviction and compassion—all of these virtues rolled up into one fallible human being. The fact that he has faith and trust in God as the giver of all good gifts is undoubtedly why the Lord has prepared him for the almost impossible task of bringing us back from the brink of destruction.

    What a magnificent address he gave to this large Christine assembly of Liberty University graduate, their parents and invited guests.