Books-A-Million Listens to Concerned Shoppers and Changes Its Sexuality Display!

How rarely do things in life work out this well?

As I mentioned, on Friday I was doing some pre-Mother’s Day shopping with the kids when I noticed a graphic photo of people having sex on the cover of a book.  Yes, the book was about various sexual positions, but it was right out there for the entire world to see.  The photo wasn’t suggestive, it was completely showing two naked people having sex.  I promptly turned over the book and told the staff that someone had apparently played a prank on them near the military history.

“The books in that section are exactly as we arranged them,” they explained to me.

After I called the corporate headquarters — right there in the store — I came home and did what any concerned parent in the modern age might do.  I blogged.

When the post went live, it immediately began getting traction in the blogosphere.  Then, I suggested to my Twitter followers to Tweet the corporate headquarters to raise awareness.  You guys did just that!  Thank you!

News of the public outcry reached The Tennessean.

When they  reported on the blog – which had gotten a few thousand hits – it put even more pressure on the store. But the store still refused to remove or camouflage the offensive book covers.  Today, Channel Two News called for an interview, so I met them at the store.  When I arrived, I checked my e-mail and found a note from corporate headquarters.  It read:

We appreciate your input on this matter and that you took the time to contact us with your concerns. 
It is not our intent to offend any of our customers with any product that is sold in the store. Books A Million offers a large selection of titles on various topics so that we may provide selections of interest to all ages. We value our customers and consider it a privilege to serve our stores communities. We wanted to let you know that we have taken action to respond positively to your concerns. We are removing the top shelf presentation and ensuring that no graphic covers are front-faced within the Personal Growth section.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. 
Best regards,

Jeanne Nelson

I was elated at the news.  After my interview with Channel 2 News (which will air tonight at 10:00), we walked through the “Sexuality” aisle and found that they had, in fact, kept their word and removed the books from the sight of shoppers.

Thank you, Books-a-Million corporate headquarters and Books-a-Million Spring Hill for helping parents protect themselves – and their children – from seeing these inappropriate images.

We appreciate your concern for your shoppers and for the community!


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