My Channel 2 News Segment: Books-a-Million Listens to Customer Complaints

Thank you, Channel 2 News here in Nashville for following this story! And thank you, Books-a-Million, for listening and changing that aisle!


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  • Jada in GA

    Making your corner of the world a safer place!! Way to go Nancy!!! :)

  • Heather

    Thank you for taking a stand and protecting the innocence of our children. We need more voices like you.

  • Paul Johnson

    You could have just stayed out of the aisle. Now go home and repent of your selfish ways.

  • Jennifer

    Yet another woman with nothing better to with her time than home schooling and doing housework. Oh yes Jada… the world is so much safer – What a bunch of idiots.

  • David French

    Wait. Nancy does housework?

  • Mo

    @ Jennifer –

    No, a woman who cares about her children (and other people’s children) seeing things sexually explicit things.

    But, of course, for “tolerant” persons like yourself, this is seen as something negative. It’s easier to call such people idiots, right?

  • KLeAnneP

    She was walking with their son to the military section. It wasn’t an intentional turn down the sex aisle. If she and her children so easily came upon the books, any other child could, too. I have to laugh that you find protecting young children from pornographic images selfish.