How My Daughter Sabotaged a Books-a-Million “Fifty Shades of Grey” Display

How My Daughter Sabotaged a Books-a-Million “Fifty Shades of Grey” Display August 30, 2014


My fifteen year old daughter Camille was at Books-a-Million today in Spring Hill, Tennessee — yes, they still let us in — when she saw a display recommending books to read after the soft-pornographic book “After Fifty Shades of Grey.”  

Of course, this is a perfectly acceptable marketing attempt to snag Fifty Shades customers with other similar books.

Camille had other plans:



Do You Think Your Young Teen Should Read Fifty Shades of Grey?  Wal-Mart Does

Fifty Shades of Yay: How Wal-Mart Responded to Moms’ Outcry Over Shelving Issue

Read more on the Patheos Faith and Family Channel and follow David on Twitter.

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  • Ruth Curcuru


  • Linda_LaScola

    Just as funny as moving the Bible to the “Christian Fiction” section

  • Praetorian

    Not really. One could lead others to salvation in Christ. The other is immature.

  • Linda_LaScola

    They are both pranks

  • Donalbain

    She made life a little more difficult for some members of staff. You must be so proud.

  • Not really… She told one of the guys who works there — who is her friend, who later told her the staff got a kick out of it. Nice try though!

  • Donalbain

    Yeah, because people LOVE extra work. Again, how proud you must be of your daughter who puts people to extra work. And of course the people who were unable to find the books they wanted. But she did it for JEEEZUS, so that is OK.

  • I think one of them threw their back out, trying to move the three books.

  • Zombie John Gotti


  • Thanks!!

  • Sharon Anne

    I love, love love seeing heathens foam at the mouth about “Jeezuz”. Can hardly wait for when their heads spins round and they puke split pea soup. Must be hell living the tormented life. bahahaha

  • TheOneTruth_

    Since there is just as much sex, violence and rape in the bible as there is in Fifty Shades, I would say her recommendation was spot on.

  • huggalump

    They’re paid by the hour.

  • Marie Luker

    So if the Bible contained only “good” behavior, it would be acceptable to you? All of those things are in there to prove how depraved humanity is and how much we need the Savior.

  • alvin691

    Liberals love the broken window fallacy. Think of it as creating labor and therefore paid hours.

  • Yes, I agree the Bible has a lot of bad behavior! But there’s also redemption!

  • Jacqueline Gilmore Estrella

    Donna and Linda, lighten up. It’s creative, humorous, and it’s not offensive.

  • Mark A. Mathews

    I love to see liberal heads spin off into space when people do stuff like this. Too funny!!!

  • Funny, liberals love it when they do protests, but hate it when these things happen in reverse. You have taught your daughter to think for herself, and with that she is well ahead of the game. She did not have to read an Alinsky book to do that!

  • Yes! Thank you! Camille did it, then promptly notified her friend who was working there. He — and his manager thought it was funny. The corrected it. No big deal. But you are right — people go nuts if conservatives do anything but take the cultural medicine they are doling out.

  • JustTheFactsMa’am

    Yup, nothing like intentionally and illegally (btw) tampering with their products, to make your “Christian” point of view a self-appointed bulls-eye on everyone’s forehead. Well done, little lady, well done. Bravo.

  • Benjamin Martin

    Bolshevism. No respect for the free market or private property. What a bunch of commies. Which really isn’t surprising, considering these words from the text used to vandalize a business display.

    “…each according to his ability.” Matthew 25.15
    “…not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them.” Acts 4.32
    “…and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” Acts 4.35
    “…the daily distribution.” Acts 6.1
    “…your liberal distribution…” 2 Corinthians 9.13

    “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” – Karl Marx

  • JustTheFactsMa’am

    “Think for herself”??? No, that’s ludicrous. She’s acting on what she’s been taught. It’s also called ‘brainwashing’. And oh, btw, I was raised Pentacostal Holiness. It took me some time, but I finally got out. And learned to think for MY self. That book? Who cares about that book. It’s totally irrelevant to anything. But who should care, are the kids who are subjected to YOUR bs who only want your kid to submit to YOUR rule, and No Questions Asked Dammit!!