The Tennessean Investigates Books-a-Million over Their Pornographic Sexuality Display


I was delighted that The Tennessean saw my blog post and did a little investigation themselves.  Apparently, the store in Spring Hill is not following corporate policy when they display pornographic images in full sight of children. (Think I’m overreacting?  This is just one cover — warning, obviously! — that my kids almost saw.)  The Tennessean went to other stores in Nashville and uncovered the fact that other stores did not have such sexual displays:

SPRING HILL, Tenn. — Author Nancy French had to do a little extra mothering on a pre-Mother’s Day shopping excursion to Books A Million in Spring Hill.

She was steering her children – ages 13, 11 and 4 – down the military history aisle when saw something that shocked her. She told them to freeze and turn around.

There, on a shelf labeled “Sexuality,” was the book 365 Sex Positions, complete with a cover photo featuring a nude couple demonstrating one.

Read the rest of Heidi Hall’s article here, and if you haven’t already called their corporate headquarters the number is 1-800-201-3550.

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Check out what sexual book covers @booksamillion believes is ok for kids to see: #porn

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    About Nancy French

    Nancy French is a three time New York Times Best Selling Author.

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    • JH

      Yes. You are definitely overreacting.

    • Sara Ross

      Thanks for sharing a way that your readers can join you in this battle.
      I shared your tweet, but changed it slightly because yours was 2 characters too long.
      Is @booksamillion ok with #porn near the kids’ section? Ask Spring Hill, TN! Please RT 2 fight indecency:

    • Sara Ross

      I just want to add that I always appreciate the things that you write. Thank you!

    • Iza

      Okay so I only have one issue with this. If you don’t want your child to see this then why did you overreact to it? Child learn through observation, and if he see you overreacting then you are teaching him that sex is bad thing and that all the things having to do with affection and touching is bad. You may think that I am just a naive person and that I see sex as a great thing and that everyone should do it. No I just feel that if you are going to make a big deal about an aisle full of images of nude figures then guess what, tell your friends and followers that art is distasteful and unfriendly to all. The human body, weather it be nude or not, is a beautiful thing. Next time you and your husband have sex think all the distasteful things that you are doing. I’m a mother and well if i know where this aisle is then I keep my child away from it and explain to her that she will learn later in life when she is ready. I am not trying to be rude or hateful I just think that everyone has a right to information and that you just blocked someones love life from exploring and growing.

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