Coming Out of the Pantry: “Homo-snacks-uality”

Last week I lamented the politicization of a popular kids cookie, but The Colbert Report made my point in a much more humorous way.


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  • David Mabullu

    Nancy, thank you and your husband for giving those less furtunite children from Africa the chance to live. I too was borne and raised in Africa; nevertheless, you are missing my point. I have been to France several times. I never saw any female, or male with braded hair, beside unlike African, other nationalties hairs are not easly braded. How do I know? if you ask, my wife is from Chana. She always asked me to brade her hair. I tryed, but it’s not as easy as people from African decent. My question is: if hair brading originated from Africa, why is it named after the Franch people?.

    • Nancy French

      Very good point! thanks for the note!

  • Paul

    You do realize that Colbert is satire, right?

  • David French

    Of course it is. Like the Daily Show, it’s satire with a point.