Dave Ramsey’s New Financial Peace University: What Will It Take to Get Your Family Financially Right Again?

The course will be offered through churches and community centers. After purchasing a membership, each participant receives a workbook, Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money, an envelope system and an audio CD library. Participants will also have access to budgeting forms and MP3s of all the lessons.

Attending the new FPU will teach you how to budget, how to navigate the sometimes treacherous combination of relationships and money, how to get out of debt, how much to save for emergencies, and investing. Dave Ramsey is refreshing because he helps you know – down to the last detail – if what your spending is reasonable.  After I first married (and lived in oh-so-expensive Manhattan) I never could tell if I was spending too much at the grocery store.  Dave’s programs took out the guess work, and enabled me to live with more financial purpose and vision.

Embarrassingly, it took a war for my family to really take our finances seriously.  While my husband was gone, I sold his Landrover, started my debt snowball, and made some serious sacrifices.  However, by the time he put his Iraq-covered boots back onto American soil, he returned to a brand new, debt free life.  What’s it going to take to get your family on track?  Maybe Financial Peace University is the right place to start.  To get a membership, go to www.daveramsey.com.


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