GOP Convention: Bob Corker, Frank Luntz, and Hurricane Isaac

This is the view from my window! I won’t be swimming today.

I feel like we’ve been through so much together politically that you might be interested in the things going on at the GOP Conference in Tampa.  Today is a pleasantly slow day here, now that the RNC canceled the big events at the convention center.  The Tennessee delegation is hanging out at a beachside hotel, with storm clouds off in the horizon.  The mood is still festive and fun, however, as everyone gets to know the story of Gov. Romney and Paul Ryan.

I was meeting an EFM reader when Sen. Bob Corker walked by!

Also, we have a nice AT&T sponsored breakfast during which Senator Bob Corker gave a very strong endorsement of the Republican ticket.  He actually said he believed the combination of Romney/Ryan would be the strongest team in modern history!

Frank Luntz was a surprise guest, and he was really funny!

Then, Frank Luntz was a surprise guest.  He’s a funny guy and inspired the room to be kind to our friends who voted for Obama the last time around, to encourage them to re-evaluate their loyalty to the President after such a disappointing four years.

We are enjoying our time here, meeting EFM and French Revolution readers, and getting to hang out with my sister and brother-in-law Mary Kate and Josh Brown of the Tennessee delegation!

There are 15,000 members of the media here, and we’ve got a few appointments with some of them.  I’ll keep you posted on all activities — wish you were all here!

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