The Jacksonville Jaguars Show Their Patriotism

My friend, New York Times best selling author Nathan Whitaker, sent me this.

With Jacksonville being a military town and their head coach, Mike Mularkey, having a soft spot toward soldiers, they are doing a couple of neat things this year in Jacksonville – each of the players has the name of an Army Ranger (53 in all) on a shirt under his shoulder pads when they hit the field on Sunday.  Also, while all NFL teams do a nice job of being respectful during the National Anthem (I think), Mike has the Jags in a straight line, helmets under right arm, with coaches in a line behind (see attached photo).  Looks cool.

And before the game, Amy asked me if there would be a fly-over.  I said, “It’s Jacksonville.  I like our chances – a lot.”  Sure enough, four fighters came screaming over right after the conclusion of the National Anthem.

Thanks, Nathan for sending that great pic!

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