Shocking Swing in Poll Numbers: Romney Leads!

I know, I know.  It’s hard to believe the polls.  But, I had to pass this along!

In a shocking one-month swing, Mitt Romney stormed into the lead over President Barack Obama in a new  Pew Research poll conducted after Romney’s consensus victory in the first presidential debate.

The poll finds a 12-point swing among likely voters. In Pew’s last poll, conducted in the middle of September, Obama led Romney 51-43 among likely voters. Now, Romney leads 49-45.

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  • Linda

    I don’t thinking it is shocking. I think it is great!. Hopefully Americans will finally see the truth about Obama and realize that we cannot take another four years of this man as president. We need to actually get a man who knows something about getting things done and actually has gone across the isle to work with all the parties. Has actually run a business and has actually run a state with success. We need a president who has more than the experience as a community organizer.