#$%@ People Say To Transracial Families

Jillian Lauren made a great video about some of the incredibly insensitive things that people say to transracial families.  And — trust me — this is not the worst I’ve heard.  Not even close. (h/t Kendra Hayes McCuistion)

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  • http://talkorigins.org jatheist

    So people say some pretty awful things about your family because ~they~ don’t think it’s the right “kind” of family… that’s pretty bad.

    But I can’t help but think about your opposition to SSM and how similar the insults are that you receive and they receive… does this make you want to rethink your position on SSM by any chance? Can you see how hurtful it can be when people that aren’t involved with a SSM relationship decide that SSM relationships are “wrong” for everyone and should be stopped?

  • http://www.popehat.com Ken

    Been there, heard that.

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  • Anne F

    NICELY done!! Way better than a paragraph of what people say…it’s also in HOW they say it! :) Thanks! Gonna share it!