“Pawn Star” Rick Harrison’s endorsement of GOP Presidential candidate hampers career… He doesn’t care!

Television personality, Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, has announced his endorsement for the 2016 presidential race and his choice is not who many of his colleagues in Hollywood would have guessed. 

Senator Marco Rubio.

The New York Post reports:

Now, this wouldn’t be terribly notable — except for one small fact… you don’t often find entertainment-industry types siding with any GOP candidate. In fact, coming out so publicly for a Republican can cost your career among the Hollywood liberals.

But here’s the kicker: Harrison doesn’t seem to care. “If you’re a celebrity, and you endorse a Republican, it’s sort of like career suicide,” he told The Daily Caller back in October, not long after throwing his support behind the Florida senator. But “I’m a well-off guy, and I care about my kids.”

The TV star is so concerned about the nation’s future, in other words, he’s willing to risk his own job opportunities by speaking out about it. Indeed, already, he says, he’s lost endorsements for his show.

Harrison told the Daily Caller that he had lost some endorsements for his show because of his Rubio support. He went on to say:

“[Rubio’s] dad was a bartender at a bowling alley and his mom was a maid at a casino here in town. When someone mentions living paycheck to paycheck, he goes, ‘Yeah, I was raised that way.’ I think if you have a leader, you need someone who has experienced what people are experiencing.”

I’m impressed by Harrison’s courage to buck the Hollywood establishment and put his weight and credibility behind Rubio, candidate who he believes will best lead America.  Refreshing!

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