Life doesn’t just happen…

So in the midst of all the fun of launching a blog… parish duties call.

One of the first things that strikes me as different between seminary and priesthood… beyond all the awesome stuff… is the lack of a schedule!  Parish Mass in the AM, possible funeral, but then an afternoon of… emptiness!  What to do??  It’s easy to do a whole lot of nothing – but I didn’t get ordained to be lazy.  Priesthood is for the go-getters.  We all can’t just sit around waiting for life to happen.  Same with the spiritual life isn’t it – it doesn’t just happen!  We have to work at it.

On that note – out to make some homebound visits.

I’ll leave you with this… as parish life continues on… as it always will… our country and our Church face some major struggles.

Writing on the HHS Mandate and what it’s all really about, Cardinal Dolan on his blog today said:

Over the course of the coming year, the effort to protect religious liberty and the freedom of conscience will continue. In the end, this is not about bishops, it is not about Catholics, it is not about contraceptives.  It is about the ideals our nation was founded upon: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  You can’t do much better than the First Amendment to the Constitution.  The founding fathers got it right.  The HHS mandate gets it wrong.  We are fighting to correct that wrong, in order to make sure that religious freedom continues for the generations to come after us.

Go read the entire thing over at His Eminence’s place.

  • Dad of Six

    Congratulations Father, and God bless your ministry!

  • GDP

    Congrats Father! Ad multos annos!

  • Sean Ogle

    Good luck with the blog Michael…When I was a new priest, I just kept a journal….times have changed! I know yours will be good…..BTW— empty afternoons are why God gave us sick calls to do! Not to mention paying courtesy calls on the local cops, firemen, and Protestant ministers!

    • doreen firestone

      Great to read about your experience of being a newly ordained priest. I look forward to continued check ins to your blog. May blessings Father Michael!

  • michele

    Hey if you are ever bored, Father, we can really use you in Eastern Oregon! Some of our priests travel 200 miles each weekend to say Mass for 3 or 4 mission parishes who really need a priest! We love new priests here! We have snow, desert, single lane roads, a large migrant Hispanic populations, lots of farming and ranching, CRATER LAKE nearby and a wonderful far-flung community of Catholics who will be happy to keep you very busy:) Congrats on your ordination!

  • PeteSpeer

    Faith is the gift of purest understanding. It does not come from learning in school . Some scientists want to rediscover that humans have organized religions in the name of a God or Gods. Humans have used religions for their own ends. Scientists reject religion on the basis of human error and try to prove a solely secular existence with the absence of God.. We are down to the Higg’s Boson as the lowest common denominator of earthly existence. That itself does not disprove the existence of a Creator. Perhaps if Adam were the Higg’s Boson, Eve would be the Boson’s Mate

    Meanwhile, back on the surface of the Earth we see conflict regenerating between religions. We need to look back into our known history.

    The Vatican States were a powerful economic and political entity which extended their influence through the use of Religion, using senior prelates as advisers to maintain the status quo in every monarchy, duchy, princedom and the rest Similar advisers were used after the Reformation as the secular rulers converted to a more amiable religion and sponsored their own religious advisers for the same purpose.

    The Muslim branches, now in their own Fourteenth Century existence have assumed the same role as religious directors at the side of the secular leaders. In Sunni they predominate. In Shi’a before Khomeini they were supposed to co-exist.

    The gift of Faith comes to many if not all and at many times is reoffered. It is hard to accept something below the vaunted free will without guilt that is offered by a secular society with relative morality. Guilt comes to nearly everyone. It is an expression of dissatisfaction with one’s narrow existence, a symbol of unnecessary incompleteness.

    Missy Franklin gave her all in the purest understanding of faith that her consummate effort might not result in that she most desired. Had she not so succeeded I believe that with Faith she would have accepted the result and given nothing less to the trying in the future. I believe as well, however, that the gymnast Gabrielle Douglas was lighted by the same flame, which also gives us Hope and enables us to act with that Charity we call Love.

  • Mrs. M.

    Hi Fr.,
    I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more about you. I had to laugh at your comment about having nothing to do in the afternoon. Enjoy it. Parish life begins in September. You will be busy, and I’m guessing loving it. Congratulations on your ordination.