Giveaway Winner and Prayer Request

Sorry guys.

I have been spring cleaning like crazy (or should I call it summer cleaning because it’s 80 degrees outside) and ignoring the siren song of the internet for the past two days.

My living room and dining room windows have been cleaned for the first time since we moved in (nearly two years ago). My curtains are washed and everything is dusted. I tackle one room of the house each day and that seems to work pretty well for me.

So, I did the random drawing of those who commented on Friday’s post and we have a winner of the Mary Kay Satin Hands set:


She is a mom who found me through Catholic Mothers Online. Sarah, send me an email with your contact info and I will mail your prize out ASAP.

And because I’m feeling extra specially generous, I’m going to give away a bonus Satin Hands Set to yet another randomly drawn winner from Friday’s post.

Beth Anne from The Catholic Couponer!

Send me your info and I’ll get the prize out to you soon.

The lovely prize

Now, to change gears completely.

I have a big prayer request favor to ask.

A dear, dear friend who has been struggling to conceive for a long time had emergency surgery yesterday to remove most of one of her ovaries. She is recovering now and the doctors hope they have saved enough of the ovary for it to function in the future. Please pray for my friend and her husband. They are truly amazing, faithful Catholics and friends.

Thank you!

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  • Pat

    I will try to get motivated to clean. And you are right in saying to do one room at a time. I must get started. But one room is doable.

    I pray that your friend finds support in her friendships. I know that you can lend an understanding ear.

    I watched the trailer. It looks interesting. But it might not be my kind of movie. It was fun to know about it.