Welcome to Geek Goes Rogue…

Hey Everyone,

This blog is born out of a conversation I had with my fantastic book agent about finding a forum to discuss the things I love.

As to who I am, you can read about me in the About section. The gist? I’m a writer who loves writing stuff people want to read. I love it when people say they enjoy my work.

So, what’s with Geek Goes Rogue?

I’ll reveal more about the blog as we go along. Geek Goes Rogue will be having regular features, a post of some type every day, and thoughtful reflections by guest writers.

So, what will we talk about?

Geek Stuff- By Geek stuff, I mean, all things Geek media; books, movies, music, and a bit of gaming thrown into the mix. Oh, and I’ll talk about comic books a lot. I like comic books. Be forewarned.

Travel Stuff- I love to travel. Even more, I like to visit interesting and weird places. In other words, I get fairly geeky when I’m on the road. You’ll dig some of the stuff I find.

Faith Stuff- I’m an orthodox Christian who hangs out with atheists, people on the edge of the church and people who wouldn’t even think about stepping foot in church. If that is you, this is your blog. If not, then proceed to Joel Osteen’s blog for your daily affirmation. Or to Mark Driscoll’s for your daily beating.

Those are the rules for now. Stay tuned, kids, it’s going to be a lot of fun!


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