Summer Movie Season…Whew….



It’s been a pretty horrible week. The Boston Horror ended after a week long manhunt for the bombers. On top of all this, I heard politicians calling for more security, more cameras and more restraints on civil liberties. This makes me cold. Very cold.

Many arty movie critics make sneering comments about Summer Movie season calling it “pure escapism”. I’ve talked about this sort of attitude many times here on Geek Goes Rogue. I find it revolting and uneducated.

On the other hand, I could use a little escapism, couldn’t you? Without further ado, here are the top ten movies I’m looking forward to this summer

10) World War Z, Release Date June 21: I’ll be honest, I’m tired of Zombies. I think they’re lazy horror. That said, I loved Max Brooks novel on which the film is based. Brooks uses a Studs Terkel way of writing history to tell the story of a fictional zombie war through fake eyewitness accounts. The real question in all of our minds must be;  Will Brad Pitt work in a  zombie movie?

9) The Lone Ranger, Release Date of July 3: This movie looks like pure fun, but I’m hoping it doesn’t become “Pirates of the Caribbean of the desert with Johnny Depp doing a Native American Jack Sparrow.” You know you’ve been thinking that since you saw the trailer, admit it. Still, this one has potential to be a great, shoot em up Western.

8) This is the End, Release Date of June 12: There are times when Seth Rogen gets on my nerves (see The Green Hornet). And, then there are times he makes me laugh so hard my sides ache (see 40 Year Old Virgin). Which Seth Rogen will we get in this movie? If you haven’t heard about the premise, a bunch of actors including James Franco, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and surprise, Hermoine, er, Emma Watson and Jason Segel (along with others) play themselves. They are holed up in Franco’s house when the world starts to end. Sounds like many of the jokes are made at the expense of the missteps of the various actor’s careers.

Again, this could go one way or the other. Snot inducing funny or annoyance you spent your weekly movie allowance on this movie.

7) Monsters University, Release Date: June 21– My favorite Pixar movie of all time is The Incredibles. My second? The original Monsters. I know everyone in the world picks any of the Toy Story movies or something like Wall-E. I like those movies too. But, what I like about Monsters is the way it turns the whole “monster in the closet” thing on its head. They do a great job of world building in Monsters, especially the nerdtastic nod of naming the Sushi restaurant, “Harry Hausen’s.”  It’s a funny, sweet movie and a joy to watch. I’m wondering how they’ll handle this “prequel” when Sully and Mike meet in college.

6) The Wolverine, Release Date: July 26: All of us comic book fans have been pining for a good, kick ass Wolverine movie. We know Hugh Jackman has the look and the acting chops. Yet, we still wait to see him unleashed. His cameo in X-Men: First Class is the best cameo in nerd history. Hands down. I’ve seen enough from the trailers to be excited. Wolverine fighting ninjas in Japan? I’m in…..

5) Star Trek: Into the Darkness, Release Date May 17: I have to confess, I’m not a huge Star Trek fan. The old TV shows are good, campy fun. I am, however, a crazy, in love JJ Abrams fan. When I learned he was directing the new Star Wars, I smiled for a day. I loved what he did with his Star Trek reboot. This movie looks like a great extension of that work. Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch is the main villain. Sherlock with menace? Awesome…..

4) Kick Ass 2, Release Date August 16: The original Kick Ass is a movie I watch every other month. It’s a fun, crazy, whirl of a movie. It tells the story of a kid who decides he wants to become a superhero. This movie continues his journey with his friend, Hit Girl. In some ways, it takes the superhero  craze and turns it on its head. In other ways, its a reverent nod to the idea of wanting to do something about evil.

3) Iron Man 3, Release Date May 3: The summer kicks off with a bang as Robert Downey Jr. personifies Tony Stark. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen such an inspired bit of casting. Downey really embodies Stark in all of his heroic arrogance. In this movie, it looks like Stark gets a lesson in humility brought by The Mandarin, his greatest foe in the Iron Man comic book series. This also kicks off “Phase Two” of Marvel’s grand movie design. In case you missed it, phrase one wrapped up in last summer’s The Avengers.

2) The World’s End, Release Date August 23: How did this movie make it this high on the list? The straight answer is, I love Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright. They, in my humble opinion, have made some of the funniest entertainment ever. My love started with Shaun of the Dead, rolled into a full blow affair with Hot Fuzz and became a scary obsession when I discovered their old, BBC tv show, Spaced. I must admit, my love cooled when the movie Paul was released, easily one of the most annoying and stupid movies I’ve ever seen. An alien with Seth Rogen’s voice; Okay. Hey, let’s make fun of cheap, easy targets (fundie Christians who don’t believe in evolution); stupid. Previously mentioned alien who smokes, drinks beer but yet, has all the wisdom of the universe; the Rogue Geek wants to cry at how genius type folks can go so wrong…… So, please, boys, don’t disappoint me in your comedy about the end of the world.

1) Man of Steel, Release Date, June 14: Let me put it this way. When I was a kid, I had a huge, life-size puzzle of Superman. I had Superman records. I had Superman comic books. I had Superman cards. I sometimes hum John Williams’ theme at random times. But, sadly, after Superman II, things went down the hole. Fast. Very fast. Please don’t ask me about Superman Returns. Please don’t.

Now, this movie fills me with fear and excitement. Christopher Nolan is producing? Excited. Zach Snyder directing? Er, um, isn’t this the guy who made Watchman? Nervous. Still, the trailers have given me goosebumps and made teary. Then again, the Pearl Harbor trailer STILL stands as one of the most emotional, beautiful trailers I’ve ever seen. The movie? Let’s just say whoever edited that trailer could have done a better job than Michael Bay, who likes to put balls on a robot.

You see the point? I want to see Supes again soooo bad. At the same time, I’m afraid……

Weigh in. What movies do you want to see this summer?

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