So if you get tired of all the sweaty bodies inside the Comic Con convention, you can see some fun stuff outside!

At the Hilton Gaslamp Park, across the street from the Convention Center, fans can see all kinds of fun props and set pieces as they journey through “Ender’s Game,” the hot sci fi movie starring Harrison Ford, based on the Orson Scott Card books.

Wanna get some exercise instead? Head on over to Petco Park during Comic Con weekend and take part in the WALKING DEAD ESCAPE, a zombie-ridden obstacle course where you have to run, crawl and climb your way to a deactivation zone as you are chased down by zombies…sign up at www.walkingdeadescape.com or there at the Park. Goes on Sat. and Sun.



Also at Petco Park, MTV is hosting the “MTV2 Party In The Park” tonight only as part of its ongoing “MTV Geekend” Con coverage.

Godzilla is baaaaaaack, yep, another remake and you can see all about what this version has in store at the “Godzilla Encounter,” but advance tix are required.

Warner Bros. is featuring its own “Lawn Con” at the San Diego Bayfront Park with giant balloon replicas of various cartoon characters and lifesize Lego models of superheroes. Oh, and the Scooby Doo van will be on site as well!

Go outside, take a breather, look around and then head back inside for more fun!

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