Passage from my upcoming novel, 3 Gates of the Dead…


My novel, 3 Gates of the Dead, drops in bookstores everywhere a month from now on October 15th. Here is passage from the book….

“Edna sometimes has dreams, only thing I know what to call them. Anyway, she had
a dream that she was walking in this field, and she saw a little boy walking barefoot in
the snow.”

He reached down to touch a print. “She called out to him and asked what he was
doing there.” His voiced cracked again. “The boy turned, and Edna saw his face. She
knew him even before he said anythin’.”

“But how…”

“The mother thing, Aidan. Anyway, the boy spoke.”

“What did he say?”

Olan frowned. “Well, that’s the strange part.”

I tried not to laugh at that one. The strange part, as if the rest of this didn’t border on
weird already.

“He said, ‘They’ve begun, Mommy. The dark men have begun. They want to
awaken the Grinning Man. He’s bad, Mommy. Get the Father.’”

“What did Edna say to him?”

“Nothing. She found she couldn’t speak. She was only able to think about how much
she loved Joseph.”

“How did, um, Joseph respond?”

“I don’t cry much, Aidan, never have. But this one, well, could very well have me
weepin’ for days.” He looked at me, tears running down his heavily lined face. “He said,
‘I love you too, Mommy. We’ll be together soon.’ Then she woke up.”

“And she had you come out here?”

“Yeah, she did. I can’t refuse her anything. I know I seem gullible to some folks, but
even I had a hard time believin’ her, especially at five in the mornin’ after a sleepless
night. I came out here anyway.”


“I’ve a strong heart as you found out last night — heart of a man half my age, so the
ol’ saw bones told me — but I could feel it seize up in my chest when I saw these.” He
pointed toward the prints. “Exactly where Edna said they would be.”





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