How you can help promote 3 Gates of the Dead (and why the book really isn’t horror)



Every author relies on people to spread the word about their book.  To that end, many of you have asked how to help promote 3 Gates of the Dead.

First, thank you very much for offering. Much appreciated.

Here are some very simple ways.

.5) Quick note, 3 Gates is not strictly horror. Many have told me they don’t want to get the book because it seems too scary or they aren’t into horror. Well, its not horror, at least, not by modern definition. There are no zombies, no vampires, werewolves or nihilistic story lines. Instead, it’s more of a Paranormal/Mystery/Thriller. As the Library Journal said about it,

“Ryan’s first novel skillfully blends theology, murder mystery, horror, and paranormal investigation through one man’s struggle with his belief in God. Solid characterization and a grounding in his subject matter make this series opener a real attraction for fans of The Exorcist and the darker fiction of C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams.”

1) Buy the Book.  Yeah, that seems simple, right? Even if you’re not into Paranormal thrillers, I guarantee you know someone in your life who loves them. Buy it for your special someone. They will thank you and so will I. Yes, a percentage goes to my publisher (Premier Digital Publishing), but they deserve it. They’re the ones who are doing all the work putting it out into the world and promoting it. They were also nice enough to cut me a fantastic royalty deal. You get a great book. I get to buy gas. Everyone wins!

2)Tell Others. Unless your name is Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, authors rely on word of mouth; either through actual moving of your mouth or using your social media mouth. Tell people how much you like 3 Gates. Get on social media and rave about it. I’ll try not to blush too much.

3) Write a review. I can’t tell you how important writing a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble or even Wal-Mart, is to book sales. All three sites measure how many people are talking about a particular work. The more people talk, the more book sites will promote on their pages.

What if you don’t like 3 Gates? That’s completely fine. Tell the world about it and why. I happen to believe that bad reviews give more credibility to a writer. Why? Because not everyone likes the same sort of book or loves the same author. It happens. I would rather people HATE 3 Gates than to damn it with faint praise.

4) Request the book from your local library. Many people think  due to e-books, libraries are going the way of the dinosaur. Nothing could be further from the truth. Libraries buy a huge amount of books every year. They are always looking for more. So, if you’re local library doesn’t have 3 Gates, request it. Tell them it got an amazing review in the Library Journal. All you have to do is check out it and then return it.

There you have it, folks. Thank you for helping and spreading the word about 3 Gates of the Dead. You won’t be disappointed and please let me know what you think.


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