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JRogue Founder and Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan Ryan 

Jonathan Ryan is an author, screenwriter, columnist, blogger, and member of the Horror Writers Association.

His debut horror mystery novel, 3 Gates of the Dead (Open Road Media), earned multiple rave reviews including, New York Journal of Books, Midwest Book ReviewLibrary Journal, and the Director of Development of The Wolper Organization at Warner Bros. (Bates Motel, Mists of Avalon). The film adaptation is under development. Book two in the 3 Gates series, Dark Bride, is set for release in 2015.

Jonathan grew up poor in Indiana and spent two weeks every summer with his grandmother, who allowed him to check out library books on Bigfoot, the Mothman, and various ghost stories. He explored all the dark and spooky places of the Midwest, including the mysterious mounds that dot the landscape there, developing a love for the weird, scary, and strange.

Jonathan’s adventurous spirit led him to live in many states and travel the world to help others, sometimes at his own risk.  During a service project trip to Northern Ireland, local police mistook him as a member of the IRA while encouraging dialogue in Belfast between Protestants and Catholics before the Truce. He worked alongside the Navajo and Tohono O’odham nations to encourage community development. Jonathan also brought together a group of atheists and Christians to contribute to relief efforts in Biloxi and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Jonathan has spoken to thousands of people on writing and religion. His writing credits include The Huffington Post, Christianity Today, The High Calling, TAPS ParaMagazineIntrepid Magazine, and popular horror site, In 2013, he started a blog called The Rogue on the world-renowned interfaith site, interviewing people like Vera Farmiga, the controversial Kirk Cameron, and produced international coverage of the Ken Ham/Bill Nye the Science Guy Creation Museum debate.

He co-authored a work of non-fiction with Father Jim Sichko entitled Among Friends: Stories from the Journey (April 2014), and is working with Chief Marvin Yellowbird of the Samson Cree Nation to help pen his autobiography. He also co-wrote Steve Keller’s autobiography, Pay to Play: Death of the American Dream, coming in 2015 (Motivational Press).

Jonathan is an acquisitions editor at Ave Maria Press. He has taken vows to become a Benedictine Oblate Novice with St. Meinrad Abbey in Indiana.

The sequel to 3 Gates of the Dead, Dark Bride, will be out in November 1st. In addition to the 3 Gates of the Dead series, he has written a Young Adult Novel, Revolution of the Wolf and a Middle Grade Series, Ghost Bear. Both are under contract and will be released in 2015.

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Rogue Co-Editor Alan Atchison: Alan is a writer, editor, musician, and wannabe baseball player. He is currently an Online Editor at the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is also pursuing a Masters of Liberal Arts in Creative Writing. Among Alan’s many interests, he is most passionate about inner city issues, baseball, music, and adoption. He’s worked as a consulting editor for Jonathan Ryan’s novels, and is currently writing his first full-length novel titled Hitting for the Cycle, a baseball-infused story about a couple’s journey toward parenthood amidst infertility. Alan lives in Philadelphia, PA with his wife and daughter. Read more at his website and find him on Twitter.



Contributing Writer: Melody Evans

Melody Evans is Social Media Manager for a family of healthcare companies, and a freelance photographer and book review blogger for Up All Night Novels. When she’s not hopelessly attempting to improve her lackluster video gaming skills or forgoing sleep in the endless pursuit of literary satisfaction, she can often be found diligently glued to her keyboard, seeking new outlets to express her love of all things geek chic.

Melody currently resides in Mansfield Ohio, where she enjoys spending time with her family and pets, exploring new places, dabbling in holistic medicine and attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Contributing Writer: Jo Schaffer

Jo Schaffer is a YA novelist, Junior Literary Agent with Gateway Literary speaker and ninja mama, born and raised in the California Bay Area.

She’s a founding member of Writers Cubed and co-founder of the Teen Author Boot Camp, one of the largest conferences in the nation for youth ages 13-19. She and a crew of local international bestselling authors present writing workshops to over 400 attendees at the Utah-based conference as well as hundreds of others worldwide who view the conference online.

Jo loves being involved in anything that promotes literacy and family. She is passionate about community, travel, books, music, fitness, classic films and martial arts. Her brain is always spinning new ideas for books and sometimes she even gets around to blogging on her own blog.

Jo lives in the beautiful mountains of Utah with her filmmaker/artist husband, three strapping sons and a blue-eyed cat named Smokey.







Contributing Writer: Tom Durham 

Tom Durham is a writer, filmmaker, Emmy®-nominated producer, family guy, idealist, and advocate for underdog creatives. He loves brainwashing his kids with Tolkien, Trek, and Narnia.

His award-winning, time-bending sci-fi feature film 95ers is in international distribution, and is due for release in the United States in April 2014. He has created many other universes—sci-fi, fantasy, and steampunk, and is nearing completion of his YA fantasy novel, The Return of Magic.

Tom’s is an ongoing and epic struggle to conquer the mundane, and help unite mighty new creators with their audiences.  There are titans among us, bearing the weight of our civilization on their noble shoulders.  Who are they?  Idealistic youngsters and mommies and daddies with no money and no connections—who can still change the world with their hard-won dreams and stories. You may see Tom spouting this nonsense at various sci-fi and fantasy cons.  Fans arise!  Become patrons or all is lost!

Check out Tom’s projects (which usually have cool videos to go with them if you don’t like reading) and explore collaboration (fans and creators) at

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Contributing Writer: Simon Jackson


Simon Jackson is an award-winning and widely-published nature photographer.

Since seeing his first bear at the age of seven, Simon’s passion for the wild has been fueled by his passion for nature photography, believing the camera can freeze moments that inspire a wired world to appreciated the interconnectedness of all life.

Simon founded the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition at the age of 13 and, for almost two decades, led the largest youth-led environmental movement in the world in the pursuit of saving the white Kermode bear, also known as the spirit or ghost bear. For his efforts, he has been named a Hero for the Planet by Time Magazine and was selected as one of the 100 Guardian Angels of the Planet by UNESCO and the Founding Congress of the Green Games.

Today, Simon focuses on speaking, writing, and strategy to help put forward a 21st Century vision for nature and uses photography to enhance his message. His images have appeared in books, films, newspapers, magazines, textbooks, and even museums around the world, including Time Magazine and National Geographic.


Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper grew up in rural Ontario, Canada and spent most of her summers outside. Whether observing the wildlife in her backyard, or visiting a park in her area, she was always surrounded by nature.

In 2007, Jill was given her first DSLR from her father and, since that day, fell in love with photography.

She is happy to be able to share her love of nature through the lens of her camera and has been published by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), as well as in several publications and web sites in support of education and conservation advocacy.

Photography is a natural extension of Jill’s decade-plus work as an educator. As a geography teacher in Toronto, she has built on her role in the classroom, using photography as an engagement tool, to help lead student research excursions to Nicaragua, advised organizations such as the Jane Goodall Institute on school resources and has developed critically acclaimed education programs for WILD10 (the 10th World Wilderness Congress), CoalitionWILD and the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition.