JoJo’s Hollywood Stories: Interview with Clark Schaffer

 (We at Geek Goes Rogue are...welll....Geeks. And, we love to hear behind the scenes stuff. Clark Schaffer is a wizard in all things artistic, prop development and other artistic things that make movies real. He's done over forty movies and is one of the most talent individuals we've ever seen. Jo Schaffer, our intrepid reporter for all things behind the scenes, didnt' have travel far for this one, as Clark is her husband.)I really liked the original Iron Man movie back when it came … [Read more...]

JoJo’s Indie Artist Spotlight: Brian Higgins

(We at Geek Goes Rogue loves indie artists who live on their art and who want to make a difference in the world. To that end, we try to highlight Indie artists as much as we can. Here, our intrepid Hollywood connection, Jo Schaffer, interviews Brian Higgins about his passion to use art to help those with mental disabilities. He has founded Create Reel Change for that purpose and is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to support his efforts) Where did you get the desire to use the arts in … [Read more...]

JoJo’s Hollywood Stories: The Giver Set Exclusive!!!

 A brilliant sun glared off the white snow as we pulled into the film camp of the movie, The Giver. Production trailers, catering trucks and equipment crammed the lot. Clark and I unloaded the stunt props he’d built and a man radioed up the ski slope to let the stunt coordinator know we’d arrived. We waited in the freezing cold our breath making little clouds until the snowmobile picked us up and carried us up the mountain.Clark and Frank discussed modifications to the stunt sled whi … [Read more...]


Hey everyone,We can now announce that Geek Goes Rogue founder, Jonathan Ryan, will be covering and attending the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate live from the Creation Museum on February 4th at 7:00 P.M.So, what does that mean?-SEE! Interviews on Geek Goes Rogue in the weeks leading up to the debate.-FEEL! the heat of the action as we Tweet and possibly blog live right here on Geek Goes Rogue from the debate. Follow Jonathan Ryan @authorjryan #GGRDEBATE-UNDERSTAND! The position of … [Read more...]

A Long Time Ago, in a FX Shop Far Away….A Tribute to Grant McCune, Star Wars World Maker

(As the next Star Wars Trilogy is being filmed, we here at Geek Goes Rogue are holding our breath. One of the things that made the original trilogy so great is that the worlds looked "lived in", unlike the shiny worlds of the new trilogy. Here is a tribute who made that look possible, Grant McCune written by our brand new writer, Jo Schaffer)When my husband,Clark and I lived in LA he had the absolute dream job for two Star Wars geeks like us. Working as Art Director for a Visual Effects shop … [Read more...]