“Breaking Bad” Celebrated With Calendar, Exhibit, Hollywood Screening

From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, as told to by the sleeping wife one day after their 10th anniversary:"I'm sorry, Dave.  I can't do that.""Breaking Bad" has become one of those television shows that influences the culture it was introduced to.  I've seen food products, clothing, stickers, room decor, and even bath salts that have been based on the characters in the program.And it's no surprise.  Breaking Bad made waves when it was first picked up by AMC in 2007 as part … [Read more...]

“Our faith led us to write a horror story.”

A few days ago, one of the publicists I work with in Hollywood called me. She asked if I wanted an interview with the Hayes brothers who wrote the screenplay for The Conjuring. Without hesitation, I said, "Uh yeah, who do I have to kill?" Thankfully, she said homicide wouldn’t be necessary, and she would be more than happy to set up an interview.I love talking to fellow writers. I like hearing how their brain ticks and what motivates them to make certain storyline choices. After seeing The C … [Read more...]

“I watched possession tapes to get ready for the role.” Lili Taylor, The Conjuring

Lili Taylor watched posssession tapes and put her whole body into a very demanding role. Hear what she has to say... … [Read more...]

2 Beautiful Beheadings in 15 Minutes: The Allure of “Game of Thrones”

From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, who still thought Dragonheart was a pretty decent film:"All right, you primitive screwheads, listen up."There are certain television shows that I stumble upon as they premier, and I enjoy way more than anyone else -- "FlashForward" was a prime example.  Then there are those series that I just can't get into.  I saw a few episodes of "Lost", but it didn't take.  I saw the first episode of "Glee", said "I get it," yet immediately knew I would nev … [Read more...]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster


You wanna see the first poster for Captain America: Winter Soldier? Of course you do....     … [Read more...]

Ron Livingston: “Exorcism is surrender to God.”

Here is the first of The Conjuring videos.....It's my favorite as Ron Livingston gives some fantastic answers.... … [Read more...]

2 of TV’s Sherlock Holmes Actors star in “Frankenstein”


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, who loves fire:"Lock the door." "And hope they don't have blasters."Now that the rest of the world knows who Benedict Cumberbatch is, we can get back to the real reason the man exists -- to play great characters.  The star of BBC's outstandingly powerful "Sherlock", Great Britain's take on the Sherlock Holmes character, Cumberbatch has co-starred with Johnny Lee Miller, star of the CBS drama "Elementary", USA's desperate attempt to create a … [Read more...]

The Man Who Loves: Daredevil: Dark Nights 1-2

Yes, dear readers, this is yet another Daredevil column on Geek Goes Rogue. For those of you who've just joined the Geek Goes Rogue fold, I'm a huge Daredevil fan. You'll see more in the future too. I make no apologies for it.I've written a long essay on why I'm a huge Daredevil fan. The gist of the essay revoves around the fact that I find Daredevil one of the most theological significant comics in the history of the genre (Thanks to Frank Miller).My argument seems pretty solid after the … [Read more...]

“Under The Dome” Premiers to Good Ratings, Reviews

From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, as imagined in his head before he typed, but not before he hit the delete key about 20,000 times:I'll admit that several weeks ago, when I first saw the ads for CBS' new series "Under The Dome," I laughed a little bit.  The idea immediately brought a few questions to mind.  Apparently, according to users on IMDB.com, they were thinking the same thing...Particularly, what came to mind was The Simpsons Movie ("Trappuccino".)  And now, it app … [Read more...]

Warner Bros. Bringing 17 TV Shows to San Diego Comic Con


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, who is biding his time while rendering video:One thing I've always wanted to check out was the International Comic-Con in San Diego.  Many consider the SDCC the Mecca of geek pop culture, mostly due to its close proximity to movie and television studios, so it's not surprising to hear that Warner Bros. is charging into Comic-Con this July with 17 of its television shows.Many of the studio's successful shows are returning, including "The Big … [Read more...]