Sorry, but the Jedis are wrong: a Reflection on Geoff John’s Green Lantern Run


Tommorow, May 22nd, is a historic and sad day in the comic world. With issue #20 of Green Lantern, Geoff Johns will end his legendary run as the chief writer in the Green Lantern Universe.Over at Comic Resources, they ran a great interview with Johns on why he decided to end his time on GL. Reading the interview, I respect his decision. He wants to end his story the right way and not to try to press it beyond its welcome.Still, I can't help but feel a bit sad. Geoff Johns, it's safe to … [Read more...]

Indie Comic Interview: Ken Eppstein


I've been floored by the response to my "Indie" comic artist interviews. Thanks for sharing your stories with me. Let's keep promoting Indie Artists work!So, next up is Ken Eppstein. He is a writer, artist and owns Nix Comics right here in Columbus, Ohio. While Ken and I have been unsuccessful in trying to get a beer together (will happen soon), we were able to sit down by email for a great chat. I've become a huge fan of his work, and his passion for Indie Comics.  GGR: How … [Read more...]

3 Gates of the Dead ARC Signed Giveaway and FULL COVER!!!!


Hey Everyone,Below, you can see the FULL and FINAL "wrap around cover" for my novel, 3 Gates of the Dead. Isn't it cool? Yeah, I like it.AND, my publisher, PDP, is running a contest for a free SIGNED ARC give away! Yep, you heard it right. You can win an advanced copy of the book signed by yours truly. The contest runs from May 15 (tomorrow) until June 15. And, if you live close to the C-Bus, I'll take you out for coffee if you win. Seriously. Plus, there are other amazing authors on … [Read more...]

Indie Comic Artist Interview: Katherine Wirick


I'm writing this from New Orleans, the land of dreams and nightmares. I'm going to be posting about my time here later in the week.In the meantime, allow me to introduce you to an amazing artist and writer, Katherine Wirick. A few weeks ago, I attended S.P.A.C.E. con, an Indie Comic-Con convention. Katherine's work drew me in because she published a whole graphic novel in an impressive, painting size piece of art. When I took time to read her work, No One is Safe, I cried. The story is about … [Read more...]

The Redemptive Spider-Man


(Major Spoiler Warnings. If you haven't been keeping up with Amazing Spider-Man/Superior Spider-Man, and plan to do so, you shouldn't read this).Today, Marvel released "Superior Spider-Man" Issue 9 and capped a hugely important story line with this issue.For those of you who don't follow Spider-Man, the comic world was rocked with the news that "The Amazing Spider-Man" line would end at issue 700. Speculation abounded. Was this just one of many tricks to sell more comic books? Was it … [Read more...]

Indie Comic Interview: Jacob Warrenfeltz


As readers of Geek Goes Rogue know, I went to  S.P.A.C.E. Indie Comic Con in Columbus, Ohio a few weeks ago. I had the chance to meet some fantastic artists and I want to introduce them to you.Jacob and I  had a great conversation about his just released comic, Villains Galore. The comic is based on the question: what happens when villains try to go straight? I love the idea, and loved the comic. You will too.Jacob is also the founding member of the DC Conspiracy, an Indie Comic Colle … [Read more...]

Storytelling is Serious Business


 This morning, my work required a small trip to meet with one of my staff. I turned on the local sports talk radio which was broadcasting the Colin Cowherd show.Colin is a bit of a jerk. Okay, not kinda, he is one. He makes fun of losers, hates "fly over country," and basically shows his behind on a daily basis. But, today, he said something I've heard too many times from friends and my Christian friends as well.Allow me to quote:"I'm a serious guy. I'm not frivolous.  I … [Read more...]

The Dragon Slayer


Here at Geek Goes Rogue, we love the Saints. These folks are like real, live comic book characters come to life. So, every week, we are going to feature these awesome, wacky, beautiful and faithful people of God.Today's saint?         St. GeorgeFrom the Catholic Encyclopedia: The best known form of the legend of St. George and the Dragon is that made popular by the "Legenda Aurea", and translated … [Read more...]

Summer Movie Season…Whew….


  It's been a pretty horrible week. The Boston Horror ended after a week long manhunt for the bombers. On top of all this, I heard politicians calling for more security, more cameras and more restraints on civil liberties. This makes me cold. Very cold.Many arty movie critics make sneering comments about Summer Movie season calling it "pure escapism". I've talked about this sort of attitude many times here on Geek Goes Rogue. I find it revolting and uneducated.On … [Read more...]

When bad things happen….heroes will rise… love….


I'll say it straight out. The past six months have been skubulos from all angles. I don't get any of it. I don't know why God allows bad things and I don't know why people do horrible things.The horrors of the past year make us gape in astonished fear. Sandy Hook broke me in a way national tragedy hasn't done since 9/11. I'm have two elementary school kids who attend a public school. I fought my own fear and urge to take them home. I fought my urge to encase my children in armor plating and … [Read more...]