Attention Minecraft Geeks: Family Friendly “Let’s Play” Video

Hey Everyone,I'm sure by now you know about Minecraft, a very cool game RPG game that helps you develop your own worlds.You're a geek, right? That's what I thought.Anyway, there are tons of "Let's Play" videos on You Tube. Many of them use pretty foul language and they aren't for kids. Many of you Elder Geeks have younger geeks in your home that want to do Minecraft. But, you're afraid to let them watch videos on You Tube because you're trying to be good parents.Well, leave it … [Read more...]


The X-Files Reunion at Comic Con yesterday was a buzzing with questions over whether or not the dynamic duo would return for another movie. Look for yourself...As mysterious and enigmatic as always!!!'A film would be great!' David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reveal another X-Files movie could be in the pipeline as they reunite at Comic Con By SARAH BULL and JENNIFER PEARSONPUBLISHED: 19:30 EST, 18 July 2013 | UPDATED: 06:56 EST, 19 July 2013The unspoken attraction between M … [Read more...]


 Professional WHAT? I am tempted to write in "ditch digger" or "zombie stalker" on my name tag. I wouldn't be the first. So as soon as the kid wakes up we get to head back down for another day of becoming so exhausted we sleep in until 10am the next morning. It's a vicious cycle, but someone's got to do it! So today is the BIG day, in terms of people being at the Con who don't have to go after work…it's crazy busy and jam packed with more panels, events and special s … [Read more...]


What a day…Fridays at Comic Con are always nuts as people begin their weekend early. Lots of activity in the main hall, people lining up for HOURS to get freebies, and of course for the panels. I was told people camped out overnight for the bigger panel tickets. HUH? OK, I love my shows but not sure I'd go to that extent, still…if you're a true diehard fan, you do what you gotta do!Outside the convention center, every bus and hotel and lamp post has some kind of ad for a show or movie or com … [Read more...]


Yawn…getting ready to head on down to the Con…looking forward to another day of total geekdom and TONS of cool stuff.Friday is usually a HUGE day and there are a whole new slew of panels and events, including the most anticipated of the weekend...THE WALKING DEAD PANEL - Series stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, David Morrissey, Scott Wilson, and Chad Coleman join executive producer and showrunner Scott Gimple, executive producer Robert Kirkm … [Read more...]

Racism In the Screen – How Television Can Spark Conversation

From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, who, once he takes hold of an issue, runs with it:I've been trying to avoid all the talk about racism that has come over our airwaves in the last month, but stuff keeps happening.  I can't escape it.Now to be fair, the place where the most of the flames are really being fanned is the internet, with all its various, gloriously self-appointed morality judges who often speak according to their own convictions, rather than to what their higher … [Read more...]

DC Trinity War Part Two: Is evil an external or internal force?

(Spoilers Ahead, Ye Be Warned....)On Wednesday, Justice League of America # 6 came out as part two of the DC Universe wide story, The Trinity War. If you remember, I reviewed the first issue and loved every panel. Perfect set up. Perfect characters. Draw dropping art work. And, deep theological questions.So, does JLA #6 keep it up?Without a doubt.When we last left The Trinity War, Superman killed a member of the JLA, the two Justice Leagues fought and Pandora wanted to get rid of … [Read more...]


So if you get tired of all the sweaty bodies inside the Comic Con convention, you can see some fun stuff outside!At the Hilton Gaslamp Park, across the street from the Convention Center, fans can see all kinds of fun props and set pieces as they journey through "Ender's Game," the hot sci fi movie starring Harrison Ford, based on the Orson Scott Card books.Wanna get some exercise instead? Head on over to Petco Park during Comic Con weekend and take part in the WALKING DEAD ESCAPE, a … [Read more...]


Hey, you Twitter folks, if you want to keep up on live action at the Con via Twitter, and post your own experiences and pics as well, here are the three main feeds:#SDCC#ComicCon#ComicCon2013You might even win stuff for tweeting at the right time! Tweet away!  … [Read more...]


So, it’s the first full day of Comic Con and the fans are out in full force, many costumed and others just salivating at the chance to see their favorite comic book authors and artists, filmmakers, television stars, writers and game designers...not to mention the countless merch booths filled with goodies that will fill goodie bags to the brim.Be prepared, though, cuz nothing here is cheap! From action figures to collectable comics to graphic novels signed by the authors...from posters and g … [Read more...]