From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, who, once he takes hold of an issue, runs with it: I’ve been trying to avoid all the talk about racism that has come over our airwaves in the last month, but stuff keeps happening.  I can’t escape it. Now to be fair, the place where the most of the flames are really being fanned is the internet, with all its various, gloriously self-appointed morality judges who often speak according to their… Read more

(Spoilers Ahead, Ye Be Warned….) On Wednesday, Justice League of America # 6 came out as part two of the DC Universe wide story, The Trinity War. If you remember, I reviewed the first issue and loved every panel. Perfect set up. Perfect characters. Draw dropping art work. And, deep theological questions. So, does JLA #6 keep it up? Without a doubt. When we last left The Trinity War, Superman killed a member of the JLA, the two Justice Leagues… Read more

So if you get tired of all the sweaty bodies inside the Comic Con convention, you can see some fun stuff outside! At the Hilton Gaslamp Park, across the street from the Convention Center, fans can see all kinds of fun props and set pieces as they journey through “Ender’s Game,” the hot sci fi movie starring Harrison Ford, based on the Orson Scott Card books. Wanna get some exercise instead? Head on over to Petco Park during Comic Con… Read more

Hey, you Twitter folks, if you want to keep up on live action at the Con via Twitter, and post your own experiences and pics as well, here are the three main feeds: #SDCC #ComicCon #ComicCon2013 You might even win stuff for tweeting at the right time! Tweet away!   Read more

So, it’s the first full day of Comic Con and the fans are out in full force, many costumed and others just salivating at the chance to see their favorite comic book authors and artists, filmmakers, television stars, writers and game designers…not to mention the countless merch booths filled with goodies that will fill goodie bags to the brim. Be prepared, though, cuz nothing here is cheap! From action figures to collectable comics to graphic novels signed by the authors…from… Read more

(Potential Spoilers ahead) As a soon to be published horror novelist, I have a vested interest in the genre. I’ve often said that good horror writing should be like good sexy writing: in the head and the imagination. Too much detail or graphic description kills the mood. We’ve seen a few promising horror films in that vein in recent years. The first Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcist, and the underrated Woman in Black are some great examples. They were a… Read more

Do you hear it??? Do you hear the sound of 130,000 children, teens and adults squealing with sheer delight and delicious excitement and anticipation? IT’S COMIC CON TIME AGAIN! Yes, living in San Diego means warm sun, palm trees, gorgeous beaches and THE CON! I am lucky enough to be going on a professional pass and can’t wait to help spread the news about all the stuff I see and the cool events that are happening here. For anyone who… Read more

Hey Everyone, This is my second to last post about The Conjuring. Tonight, I’ll post my review for the film. Tomorrow, it will be wall to wall Comic Con coverage…. Here is the last interview. Read more

  While the Head Rogue Geek is not at San Diego Comic Con, an awesome writer, Marie Jones,  will provide her exclusive Comic Con updates.     Marie and I share an agent. She is a fantastic writer, speaker, and woman on the go. Check out her website to see everything she is doing!   Stay Tuned for Comic-Con news all weekend long   Read more

From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, who has a hankering for swordfish: Last Thursday, July 11th, I celebrated my 10th anniversary with my beautiful wife, Julie.  As that was happening, the rest of the interwebs celebrated the “Sharknado” phenomenon.  I may be late to the punch on this one, but only because there was no way I was going to watch “Sharknado” on my anniversary. I DVR’ed it, though.  Oh yeah. And since there was such a huge… Read more

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