Rob Bell is Youth Group Guy

Rob Bell

I just got an advanced copy of Rob Bell's new book, What We Talk About When We Talk about God. Part of the gig is I'm supposed to write a reviewHere it goes.Note: this will not be a normal, linear review. Given that's pretty much Bell's writing style, I figured I'd go with that.I want to offer two disclaimers. This is the first Rob Bell book in my library.  I've watched a few of his sermons and his Nouma videos. Here is what I've always thought about Rob Bell. He reminds me of the ann … [Read more...]

3 Gates of the Dead….Lego Sets? Probably not….yet…


Well, Rogue fans, I'm about to be a published author. My book, 3 Gates of the Dead, will be coming out in October 2013. The date is to be announced soon along with a teaser at the storyline AND the cover.This book has been a long, hard journey. It was published once, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away. That's a story for another time. The beauty of it is, I got to rewrite this book, add a brand new story line, and add more mythology of the larger world I created for my … [Read more...]

The Zombie (a modern fable)

Fremont Zombie Walk 2007

So, "The Eldest" and I participated in a 'fable" workshop at our local library. The Thurber House, the epicenter of writing in the C-Bus, put on a great class for the kids on how to write a fable. Here is our work:The ZombieBy Jonathan Ryan and The EldestOne sunny day, Gorilla and Monkey walked through the jungle. They came upon a human house and didn't hear any human noises."What's going on?" asked Monkey."I don't know," said Gorilla, "Let's go inside and find out!"They … [Read more...]

Why the next C.S. Lewis MUST be a Geek.


Today, I had a great conversation with a college student and a campus minister about Geek culture. The student and I became "geek" teachers to my friend. He didn't really grasp what a geek might be or why it might be important to know. We argued how "geek" is the main language of pop culture and influences more than people comprehend.  Three hours later, we realized something important; the next C.S. Lewis needs to be a geek.Allow me to step back. If you're not a Christian, you probably … [Read more...]

They fight….for real justice…… The Justice Rogues

NOT for sale: human trafficking

There are lots of reasons I like superheroes. But, if you had to pin me down, I would say the main reason is...I have a burning sense of justice, especially when the weak, the defenseless, and the downtrodden are brutalized.As all of you know, geeks are starting to rule the world. We rule computers. We rule the movies. We rule the whole cultural discussion. We have a lot of power.It's time we start using that power for good, just like we learn from comic books.So....fellow … [Read more...]

Lego Sets Versus Literary Classes


Someone asked me if I wanted my novels to be taught in literary classes. I responded with a laugh, “No, I want them to become Lego sets.” This came from a conversation with another writer. Obviously, they gave a puzzled stare at my comment.I explained with these points:*First, the only stories that are Lego sets have CRAZY exposure in the realm of pop culture. Two cases in point: Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. These books, written by J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, are from the min … [Read more...]

Comic Books, Fourteen Year Old Boys and Pop Cultural Snobbery


I'm almost finished with Michael Chabon's fantastic novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. If you aren't familiar with this Pulitzer Prize winning novel, the book follows the tale of two Jewish boys-on-the-cusp of manhood who create comic books during the "Golden Age of Comics" (before World War II and just after).In the later part of the novel, Sammy Clay, the writer of the duo, has to appear before Congress during the 1950's Great Comic Book Scare.   Chabon shows in his m … [Read more...]

What Minor Star Wars Character should get their own movie?

Wicket vs. Jawa (123/365)

Disney announced yesterday that they will be making stand alone films in the Star Wars Franchise. Now, they have announced movies about Young Han and Boba Fett will be the first ones to be made.While Han is a major character, Boba Fett is not. Still, he is one of the most popular minor characters in the Star Wars universe, so it makes sense.That got me wondering: What minor Star Wars character's should get their own movie and what would the stories be?Here are my ideas"It's A … [Read more...]

Call for Pop Culture/Geek/Travel/Faith Writers

Hey RoguitesDo you love Geek Pop Culture? Do  you love travel? Do you like use the former to talk about Faith or non Faith issues?If so, Geek Goes Rogue is looking for a few good writers. At this point, we can only pay you in exposure on, one of the leading Interfaith/Idea sites in the world. We need regular writers who would be willing to publish content, submit articles and promote the site to others.What sort of content? Geek Stuff. Travel Stuff. Faith Stuff, of … [Read more...]

Very Cool Nerdy Site… ITS HORRIFYING!!!!


Just found this site this morning.Rogueites, I give you.....Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual.You can "choose your own" Sci-Fi Pulp story!!!!!You can...... come up with your own Sci-Fi Pulp TITLE!!!!!And now wait for it.......Make your own pulpy sci fi cover. Print them on a t-shirt! This is about as geeky cool as it gets.Here is my artwork.....    … [Read more...]