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“Our spirituality and abortion are one”

The goal of the “pro-choice” movement used to be to make abortions “legal, safe, and rare.”  But why “rare”?  That implies that there is something wrong with abortion.  Pro-choicers today are now proudly “pro-abortion.”

The strategy now is for women to openly talk about their abortions as a good thing.  Just as sentiment about homosexuality changed when gays “came out” and Americans discovered that they their number included many people whom they knew and cared about, openness about abortion, it is thought, will help get rid of the stigma against it.

A number of new initiatives are coming out from the pro-death folks, including “abortion concerts” in 30 cities on September 10.  Then there is the “We Testify” program, which uses religious language in having women “testify” to the “spirituality” of their abortions. [Read more…]

Clinton Foundation pay for play

The Associated Press, no less, has been investigating the Clinton Foundation.  It reports that over half of the people Hillary Clinton met with as Secretary of State outside of the government were donors to the foundation.

Meanwhile, as Clinton’s clandestine e-mails come out, more questionable details about the foundation are surfacing.  For example, in 2013 its income was $140 million, but it gave out only $9 million for its stated philanthropic purposes.   See also this. [Read more…]

Why the LA Times poll differs from the others

Most polls show Donald Trump losing big time, especially in the crucial battleground states.  But the L.A. Times poll shows Trump ahead of Clinton by two points, a fact heralded by the Trump campaign.  So why are that poll’s results so different?

Most polls ask people who they are going to vote for.  The L.A. Times poll, designed by USC social scientists, is not so straightforward.  It asks a pre-selected group, used for other research purposes, to rate on a scale from 0-100 their chances of voting for a particular candidate.  Then the results are weighted for demographics, which is usual, but then also weighted for how the respondents voted in the 2012 election.

The Times admits that the result is that Republicans are probably over-represented.  I would add that the 0-100 scale isn’t going to tell us much if respondents are ambivalent about both candidates.  But I think this is also an example of social scientists overthinking their task and trying to come up with a methodology that is so sophisticated that it is unlikely to work.  But maybe it will.  We’ll know in November. [Read more…]

Mexico’s one gun store

Mexico’s constitution guarantees the right of citizens to own firearms.  But it also allows the government to regulate them.  So there is only one gun store in the whole country, and should you go there, it is still almost impossible to buy a gun.

Mexico, of course, is plagued with gun violence on a colossal scale, since the criminal class is extremely well-armed. [Read more…]

Saying God is transgender

The contours of a new liberal theology, one in accord with the new ideology of sex and gender, are starting to come together.  (Liberal theologians have never found a new leftist ideology that they don’t like and won’t refashion theology around.)  A rabbi has written an op-ed in the New York Times maintaining that God is transgender.

After the jump, read why he thinks so and read a response from a Bible scholar.

The argument hinges on confusing linguistic gender with natural gender, confusing a Being who transcends gender with someone who purports to change the sex he or she was born as, and scholarly bloopers of an embarrassing scale.  But it exemplifies how liberal theologians often twist the Bible so that it can seem to support their ideology.

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Morality as politics

The Pew Research Center has conducted a study finding that 64% of church goers heard political issues being preached from the pulpit.  Those “political issues” included abortion, homosexuality, religious liberty, the environment, and economic inequality.

Now those are mostly moral–not political–issues.  Churches have always taught about sexual morality and respect for human life.  They have also addressed issues of social morality.  That is not being political.  The Pew study found that only 14% heard political candidates being promoted or criticized.

What’s interesting here is that the researchers consider moral beliefs to be nothing more than political positions.  To be sure, government dictates about morality gives them a political dimension they normally would not have.  This is especially true when the government requirements run counter to the church’s traditional moral teachings.  Of course the church must push back against that.

But the problem isn’t churches meddling into politics.  It is the government meddling into morality.

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