The Fascinating Story of a Historic Cross at Papal Mass in DC

When the pope celebrates mass at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC, there will be a fascinating piece of history there with him: an iron cross made for the first mass in the English colonies in 1634. The Georgetown University site has the story. The cross is believed to have been forged [Read More…]

In Honor of the First Falling Leaf…

…my favorite Grimshaw: Golden Light. I guess you could call Grimshaw a Post-Pre-Raphaelite, since he was influenced by them but came later. His landscapes always seem to be hiding something, as though an epiphany is waiting if you just stare long enough. They are, for lack of a better word, haunted. He’s one of those rare [Read More…]

Chickens! Google! Art!: “O meu primeiro Ovo”

I’m sorry to have left my loyal chicken fancier readers without Chicken Content for so long, so here’s a charming painting that surfaced in my Chrome browser thanks to Google Art Project, which I’ll get to in a moment. First, the painting: “O meu primeiro Ovo” (“My first egg”) by Portuguese artist José Maria Sousa de Moura [Read More…]

DARPA? More Like DERPA–Watch Robots Fail

Okay, if this is the kind of thing we can expect from our aspiring robotic overlords, we may not have to worry too much about Skynet. These are just a few of the epic fails from the DARPA Robotics Challenge. As I’ve said in this space many times: I hate robots. [Read more…]

Marion Zimmer Bradley: Monster

Do you refuse to read Orson Scott Card but not Marion Zimmer Bradley? Then you’re a damn hypocrite. And you have terrible taste in literature. Orson Scott Card is a very nice guy and a talented writer who has never hurt a fly. Unfortunately, he has an opinion you don’t like, you poor baby. Marion Zimmer [Read More…]

Burnt Biblical Scroll Deciphered by Digital Technology

A burnt scroll discovered inside in the synagogue at Ein Gedi, Israel can finally be read thanks to new technology. At first considered a lost cause because it was both wrapped and burnt, University of Kentucky Professor Brent Seales were able to digitally “unwrap” it to reveal the oldest lines of Leviticus (Lev 1:1-8) discovered since the Dead [Read More…]

White Liberal Talking Head Says Something Incredibly Dumb

Must be a day that ends in a Y. Sally Kohn is some kind of CNN host, I guess. (I don’t have cable, so I’m going by the first couple inches of a Google search, which is as much as I care about Sally Kohn.) I assume she’s just another Sean Hannity: people paid to say [Read More…]

Demons and Mental Illness: An Hour with Fr. Mike Driscoll

Mark Shea and I spent an informative hour on the radio with Fr. Driscoll, author of Demons, Deliverance, Discernment : Separating Fact from Fiction about the Spirit World. Check it out: [Read more…]