ISIS Blows Up Ancient Wall of Nineveh

"Nineveh Adad gate exterior entrance" by Fredarch -- Wikimedia Commons

A part of Nineveh’s great wall was dynamited by ISIS militants, according to One of Mosul’s most distinctive ancient structures, the wall dates to the 8th century BC. According to a local historian, militants destroyed on Tuesday night much of the historic city wall located on Tahrir neighborhood on the left coast of Mosul…. [Read More...]

How I Pray: Tom Neal


Dr. Tom Neal is Professor of Spiritual Theology and Academic Dean at Notre Dame Seminary. He blogs at Neal Obstat, which is just a great name for a blog. He did his graduate work in historical theology and the socio-historical dimensions of Christian mysticism, and has done adult catechesis for seventeen years. He writes that his [Read More...]

The Hour of Trial is the Hour of Fidelity


“He who remains firm in his faith and strong at heart knows that Christ the King is never so near as in the hour of trial, which is the hour for fidelity. With a heart torn by the sufferings and afflictions of so many of her sons, but with the courage and the stability that [Read More...]

Magnasco: Hermit in the Desert


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Ozzie & Harriet Meet Boris & Bela, And Then They Sing

This actually happened: On the March 13, 1938 episode of Baker’s Broadcast, a radio variety show on NBC starring Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff did a skit and sang “We’re Horrible, Horrible Men,” while Boris read “The Supplication of the Black Aberdeen” by Rudyard Kipling. Here they are, singing together (badly, but still). [Read more...]

Police Targeting Waze


Some police think Waze is dangerous and want Google to pull the plug on one of its key features. The social/traffic app is designed to provide drivers with information on highway congestion, accidents, and construction, but also allows them to tag the location of police speed traps with an icon indicating whether or not the police are [Read More...]

Finding That Safe Place in the Imagination, With General Urko and Dinosaurs


On Monday, Kyle Cupp asked his Mindless Monday Question: What toys from your childhood do you most wish you had with you today? Elizabeth Scalia replied with Answering Kyle Cupp With A Plastic Trumpet and a Scream. I’m  answering with this: If you recognize this as General Urko from Planet of the Apes, then you are probably [Read More...]

Anthony Esolen: How Dark Were The Dark Ages?

Two things I love: Debunking pseudo-history about the so-called “dark ages”: an act of propaganda initiated during the retrograde “Renaissance” and cemented in the un-enlightening “Enlightenment.” Anthony Esolen. Dr. Esolen offers brisk tour through lies the “smart” people think are true. And bonus points for mentioning Nicholas of Cusa, as well as another favorite: Chretien [Read More...]