First Look at A New Macbeth

I’m cautiously optimistic based on what I see here. Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, David Thewliss, and Sean Harris star, with Justin Kurzel directing. [Read more...]

14 Reasons I Stay Catholic #WhyRemainCatholic

Durer's "Adoration of the Trinity" captures some of the grandeur of Catholic faith

1. Jesus is Lord The incarnation is the pivot point of history. God became man so that man could become God. Once you understand and accept this it’s like a thunderclap. I spent a long time not believing it. When I found myself no longer able to deny it, it was like door being opened [Read More...]

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Jesus Destroys Satan


[Read more...]

What Should We Call Bruce Jenner?


If you think the title of this post is an answer to the question, you’d be wrong. It’s more complex than that. Bruce Jenner has announced that he now wants to be called Caitlyn. Do people of faith who reject modernist gender theories of sexual embodiedness go along with this or not? There are two [Read More...]

Bernie Sanders Is Ron Paul For Lefties


You’re going to have to excuse me if I pass up a trip on the Bernie Sanders Is Our New Trvth Telling Prophet Bandwagon. Bernie Sanders is Leftie Ron Paul: a nutty uncle who sometimes blurts out a piece of common sense, such as this: …but most of the time sounds about one step away from [Read More...]

“The eraser is an instrument of the devil” Sez Credentialed Moron


They give degrees out to just anyone these days: The eraser is an instrument of the devil because it perpetuates a culture of shame about error. It’s a way of lying to the world, which says ‘I didn’t make a mistake. I got it right first time.’ That’s what happens when you can rub it [Read More...]

Who Is That Priest in the “Pawn Sacrifice” Trailer?


Pawn Sacrifice is a new film from Edward Zwick about the brilliant, disturbed chess prodigy Bobby Fischer. Tobey Maguire plays Fischer and Liev Schrieber plays his nemesis, Boris Spassky. Here’s the trailer: Some viewers may be puzzled by the prominence of a Catholic priest in the trailer. The IMDB entry doesn’t list the character’s name, but [Read More...]

ISIS Is Destroying Ancient Palmyra


This is the Lion of Al-Lat: It stood at the entrance the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria, and dated to the First or Second Century. It was a product of the great Palmyran civilization, which had a brief but prosperous glory while the Roman Empire was beginning its decline. It was built in honor of [Read More...]