What It’s Like to Fight in Armor

You may be surprised. While there are certainly stories about knights who drowned in shallow water because they couldn’t stand up in armor, that wasn’t the norm. [Read more…]

How I Imagine Mainstream TV News

NEWS ANCHOR: Coming up, we have an interview with an eyewitness who drove by the site where four Marines were murdered in Tennessee. She thinks she may have seen a car displaying a Confederate flag in the parking lot. [pause] NEWS ANCHOR: Wait, this just in: Police have identified the shooter. His name is Muhamm- [stops [Read More…]

My Chickens Are Smarter Than Animal Rights Activists

It’s county fair season here the wild parts of America, which means farm animals, tractor pulls, goat races, games, fair food, rides, and good old American small town entertainment. My wife and daughter are active in 4H, and they’re helping staff the poultry tent this week, as they do every year. My daughter wouldn’t miss [Read More…]

Charles Dickens Solves a Mystery 145 Years After His Death

This is the kind of discovery literary scholars dream of but never hope to find: a cache of notations in the handwriting of Charles Dickens that reveals lost works by major authors. Bookseller Jeremy Parrott ordered a bound collection of All the Year Round, a publication edited by Charles Dickens, from an online book dealer. [Read More…]

The NAACP Sets Its Sights on Stone Mountain

The figures of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson carved into the face of Georgia’s Stone Mountain form the largest bas-relief in the world. That they also depict three men who took up arms against their nation and helped plunge this country into its bloodiest period in history, all in the name of a [Read More…]

Reenacting A Crusader Battle

Last week, a group of Russian and Israeli history buffs and reenactors staged the Battle of Hattin, in which Saladin routed the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem near the same extinct volcano in Israel where the original battle was fought July 3rd and 4th, 1187. Replete with swords, shields and body armor, the group marched 27 kilometers [Read More…]

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens in Minecraft

Utterly astonishing. Here’s the real thing. [Read more…]

Instant Holy Ghost!

Just add water!    [Read more…]