The Contemporary Literature & Faith Debate: Weblinks

As many of our readers know, there has been a lively debate over the past year concerning the condition of contemporary literature as it engages religious faith.

Because that debate has been conducted over many different venues, we’ve received requests for a list of weblinks that would enable readers to follow the conversation.

That’s what we’ve done below. Feel free to add further thoughts about this conversation in the comments section.

Paul Elie, “Has Fiction Lost Its Faith?”

D.G. Myers, “The Novel of Belief

Gregory Wolfe, “Whispers of Faith in a Postmodern World

Dana Gioia, “The Catholic Writer Today

Gregory Wolfe, “Cultural Anorexia: Doubting the Decline of Faith in Fiction

Gregory Wolfe, “The Catholic Writer, Then and Now” (expanded version of “Cultural Anorexia”)

Paul Elie, Dappled Things interview (include comments on Wolfe’s “Whispers of Faith” article)

Gregory Wolfe, “The Contemporary Novel of Belief, Part 1

Gregory Wolfe, “The Contemporary Novel of Belief, Part 2

Paul Elie then continued the conversation on his blog. Some of his posts incorporated comments by Gregory Wolfe.

Paul Elie, “Nothing Less Than Phenomenal

Paul Elie, “In Our Time?

Paul Elie, “Screeds or Essays for the Near Future?

Paul Elie, “Electro-literary Shock Therapy

Gregory Wolfe, “The Second Coming of Flannery O’Connor

Paul Elie, “Criticism, Not Committee Work”

Happy reading!

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