About Sean Swaby

Sean is a writer in the areas of mental health and recovery, family, leadership, and anything that demonstrates the power of story. He is a provisionally certified Clinical Addiction Counsellor with the Canadian Addiction Counselling Certification Federation. You can find him at smswaby.wordpress.com and on Facebook, here. In addition to being an Editor with the Good Men Project, Sean has been published with Babble, The Mighty, Patheos.com, and Be You Media.

Why I Need Jesus to Look More Like Superman

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Jesus? [Read more…]

When Jesus Doesn’t Heal You the First Time…

Your past is not a problem, merely a perspective. [Read more…]

Jesus, Healing, and the Miracle of the Semicolon

Life can become too busy. The crowds and pressure to go with the flow will confront you. Automatic thoughts, judgments, and stigma can fill our minds. Often, we are cruel, harsh and hateful to ourselves. What can prepare you and I is taking time to reflect, to pause and to pray. [Read more…]

6 Powerful Things to Remember About Healing

Healing is possible. No matter what you have faced. You can heal from your addiction, incest, trauma, sexual assault or rape, cancer, depression, panic attacks, racing and disturbing thoughts, suicide attempts, cutting and other forms of self-injury, bullying and anything else that life may throw your way. [Read more…]

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7 Ways a Healthy Faith Creates a Healthy Mind

Mental health and faith can feel like two separate worlds. For many people, they look at life as either spiritual or physical/mental. Mixing the two is like trying to mix steak and Kraft Dinner. They just don’t seem to fit. But this is not healthy, because a healthy mind is a healthy soul. Check out this post for 7 ways faith can help you with the weight of living. [Read more…]

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