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Truly Lifelong Best Friends

She climbs onto the twin sized bed, as difficult as it is for her, and proceeds to slap him on the face.  As she hits him again and again, she grins, sometimes babbling.  This is what her brother wakes up to many mornings.  No wonder he’s not a morning person.  He doesn’t get angry though, after all, he adores her.As the day continues, she is her happiest when he’s around.  When he leaves for school, she half crawls, half scoots her way to the front door as fast as she can so she can wave … [Read more...]

Not Just Any Masjid

Kay recently started going to masjid on Saturday mornings. Her father and I had decided when she turned 5 we would start sending her. My husband's initial suggestion was to have someone come to our house and teach her. I was a little against this idea because that was how I was taught Quran, and only Quran. I didn’t learn anything else specifically about salah, duas, or our Prophets (peace and blessings be upon them all). My neighborhood has several masjids all within walking distance of my h … [Read more...]

Shopping For Good Deeds

“Who is this for? We don’t want this. Take it back.” The words fell upon my ears like a smack in the face. I was expecting to hear duas and praises to Allah when Ramadan groceries showed up at the doorstep of this needy family. Instead, I was shocked, confused, and hurt upon being turned away and unwelcomed. Why did this happen? Ya Hayyu, ya Qayyumu, bi-rahmatika astaghith. O the Living, O the Eternal, I seek help by Your grace. I believe I had good intentions. I took care to think thoughtfully a … [Read more...]

Balancing Parental Discipline

Al Haleem.  I struggle with parenting and  this beautiful characteristic of Allah SWT, this name that blows me to pieces.  To catch someone hurting you, disobeying you, stabbing you, and to let it go, forgive it, forget it, while having full power to punish for it.  To overlook, to glance over, to allow someone the chance to start new because you overlooked their mistake.It's Ramadan, the month of practicing patience, of rising above my anger, of letting things go.  There's something abou … [Read more...]

Ramadan 2012 Picks

As we begin the last ten days of Ramadan, here are some links to give you a boost and help you increase your blessings and productivity in this blessed month. We pray that we all come out on the other side of Ramadan with shining faces and pure, forgiven hearts.1. Check out some great content, audio and written, at the new 40 Hadith Nawawi website.2. Don't forget to reach out to your neighbors! Ramadan and Eid provide the perfect occasion to reach out to those around you with a friendly m … [Read more...]

You Can Make the Most of Ramadan

It’s Ramadan! I didn’t need to tell you that, but maybe you needed a reminder. You’re not fasting (either you are pregnant or nursing), and with kids in tow you can’t commit to extra prayers in the masjid. The stillness and focus in your prayer is now replaced with incessant needs and cries of your babies. You spend hours in the kitchen preparing the meals and taking care of the needs of your kids and guests, with little time left over for reciting Qur'an. Everyone around you is reaching higher l … [Read more...]

On Discipline

As we are in the midst of Ramadan reflecting on what to break our fasts with and attaining spiritual elevation, we cannot help but think about the tremendous discipline that is bestowed upon us during this entire month. So many out there were questioning their body's fortitude, if they can actually survive the 16 plus hours in the heat without food or drink. And yet, somehow, Muslims are coping and also flourishing. There is no doubt that there is a special blessing in Ramadan that facilitates … [Read more...]