Using Wallpapers to Memorise Pagan Things

Using multiple images of the Orphic Hymn to Hekate … I have actually finally been able to memorise it in full and it only took me a few days. [Read more…]

My Gods are Real and Independent Beings

To say the Gods are independent is to say They do not rely on our existence for Their existence. They are sovereign beings, They are not ruled by us, They are not dependent on us. If we humans destroy ourselves – the Gods will still be here. [Read more…]

On Comparing the Gods to Humans

In some of my posts… I will use examples of human behaviour and motives to explain how the Gods might behave, and why They behave in these ways. [Read more…]

The Importance of Ritual in My Paganism

In my religion, in my Hekatean Hellenism, ritual has come to be the backbone. It matters, it is important. There is no substitute for ritual, there is no act that is just as good, or close enough. [Read more…]

Do You Have a Source for That?

Someone will post something that is ostensibly ancient and others will comment either that it is not historical or they will ask for proof that it is actually historical. And that’s when all the sparks fly and the feathers get ruffled. [Read more…]

I’m an Armchair Pagan

You don’t do rituals, you don’t praise the Gods (or equivalent), you don’t really do anything. Your religion is more about belief than about action. And right now, that’s me. [Read more…]

My First Year Patheos Pagan Blogiversary

It’s my first year blogiversary here at Patheos. Woohoo! So, prepare yourself for the blog version of a clip show. [Read more…]

Grandma and the Ostara Storm – A Pagan Childrens Book

In essence, this book could perhaps be seen as a story that normalises Ostara as much as Easter is normalised – it needs no explanation, because it is what it is. The story is simply based on the time of Ostara, but it is actually about the season and the weather. [Read more…]

Hekate Goddess of the Underworld

As a lead up to Samhain in the southern hemisphere, here is another post that looks at something about death and the afterlife. Today we’re looking at Hekate (surprise, surprise) and Her role in the Underworld, the afterlife and in death. [Read more…]

The Gods Are More Than Their Symbols

The Gods are real, living beings and They are just as, if not more, complex than you and I. Sure, They might rule over this and that and this other thing, but that isn’t the whole of Them. They are more than what They rule over. [Read more…]