Investigating Hekates Night

August 13th is listed in modern Pagan calendars as being Hekates Night, a night sacred to Hekate.  This purportedly ancient Greek festival is for propitiation, where we ask Hekate Lady of the Storms to not send any of those nasty storms among us. We are meant to leave an offering at the crossroads to Hekate and ask Her to keep us safe from storms, or even better, just keep the damaging and dangerous storms away completely. If you have been... Read more

Making Your Paganism Local – Begin at Home

Ancient European religions, and subsequently the modern revivals, modern Paganism in general and modern forms of Witchcraft, are largely based on lore that comes from the northern hemisphere.  This stands to reason given that these things all began in the north.  But it does mean that a lot of things within Paganism are kind of irrelevant if you don’t happen to live in the specific places the lore focuses on. So a lot of us, especially those of us in... Read more

Which Moon – New Moon vs Dark Moon vs New Moon

I have done several posts now that touch on the issue with the dark and new moon phases, but they were mostly in passing or in posts that were pretty heavy with information.  So, after seeing a few threads on Facebook with people asking about when the dark moon is and when the new moon is, I thought it was prime time to do a single post dedicated to this topic specifically. public domain via pixabay... Read more

Miasma and Cleansing Self After Moving Home

Miasma can be a bit of a touchy topic to discuss in the Pagan and related communities.  But it’s part of my tradition so it’s something that needs to be discussed sometimes.  Especially when I have become extremely miasmic and want to share what I have done to cleanse myself of it. public domain via Maxpixel What is Miasma Miasma is basically a spiritual dirtiness that we attract through everyday life.  There is a whole host... Read more

Why I am a Hearth Witch and What is Hearth Witchery Anyway?

The third weekly theme for July, as proposed by our channel editor Jason Mankey, is Why I am a (insert religion/trad/practice here).  I have more than one label in my Paganism, but I have probably already discussed the hows and whys of Hellenism and Hekateanism a fair bit already.  The Hearth witchery though, which my blog is even named for, doesn’t get discussed a whole lot – except in passing.  And even there, it’s mostly the what I do instead... Read more

Playing Favourites With the Gods

In June I read a post by Lettuce Man over on Axe and Plough about the concept of people having favourite deities.  I began to write a comment on the post, it got long so instead I began turning it into a blog post. Of course then I got the call about getting a house and stopped writing for a few weeks. In the post Lettuce Man discusses how people speak of having a or several favourite deities, and how... Read more

The Four Gods Who Are Most Important to Me

Our channel manager here at Patheos Pagan, Jason Mankey, suggested a weekly theme for July.  Last week was the theme of how we found Paganism – or how we found the path we are currently on.  This weeks theme is the question of which deities, or other higher power, are most important to us and how we came to find these beings. “Council of the Gods” in Galleria Borghese (Rome) Hekate Everyone who has ever read... Read more

The Witch Who Hates Spells

Reading through Tempests post, Magick is not a Band-Aid Fix I was struck by one of her first statements. “Even as a teenager, I was more interested in books on mythology and folklore than those focusing on spellcraft.  History, theory, practice, culture: all day long please.  Modern books on spells? Nope.” I stopped reading for a moment as I thought to myself, Yes! This.  Exactly! Gods how I hate spellbooks!  They’re all, gather this coloured candle, and this type of... Read more

The Many Phases of My Paganism

I find it difficult to start writing again after a hiatus (third one this year, ugh), so I was pretty happy when Jason Mankey suggested a weekly theme for us at Patheos Pagan for this month of July.  Just what I need, prompts and relatively easy ones at that! I have written about how I became Pagan a few times now, but it’s all bits and pieces spread out among multiple other blog posts.  So, mostly it was all in... Read more

Using Wallpapers to Memorise Pagan Things

My memory is an odd thing.  There are certain things I can remember so very well, like random comments made on Facebook by people I haven’t spoken to in years – completely useless, thank you so much brain.  But things I really want to remember, such as hymns for my rituals or what on earth all of the epithets of Hekate translate to in English – no such luck.  I suppose I should be glad I can remember my kids... Read more