Undoing the Hard Work of Pagan Pioneers

The problem here is that the myths and stereotypes our predecessors dispelled weren’t all myths and stereotypes. And the information they spread about us is not exactly entirely true. [Read more…]

Iphigenia – The Human Origins of Hekate

In this post we are going to look at another myth about Hekate, the one where She begins life as the very human Iphigenia. [Read more…]

Tauri Princess – The Human Origins of Hekate

In this post I am going to explore one of the origin stories of Hekate, that in which she is apparently human. [Read more…]

All About Khernips

Making khernips is extremely simple! So simple that honestly, even if you aren’t Hellenic, it’s a method you should consider using for any of your usual cleansing rituals and tasks. [Read more…]

What Will History Know of Us?

Our stone tablets are plastic and metal usb drives, CD discs and black boxes of “cloud storage”. What future society will be able to crack the code of our language when they won’t even be able to see our language? [Read more…]

The CoH Virtue of Temperance

The Covenant of Hekate is guided by five virtues, we are supposed to uphold these virtues for the Covenant and for Hekate, as well as for ourselves. When we find one lacking in ourselves, we are to try to work on the problem. [Read more…]

Homeschooling, Lobbying, Fires and Contracts

My silence right now is perhaps not such a good thing, given some of the things that have been going on in the Pagan Blogosphere. [Read more…]

Why Not Pray to a Toy?

The original intent of whoever created the statue is irrelevant. You can feel it, this statue is of your deity. There is no doubt about it. [Read more…]

The Power of Music and Dance

I have a few times been able to miraculously achieve that quiet mind stuff that meditation is meant to bring about – but when I am done? My head gets even worse, as though it is overcompensating for that small period it was shut down. [Read more…]

I Can’t Be Recon But I Can’t Be Modern

I cannot rely on the ancients to help me bring their religion into my land, I cannot rely on the ancients to give me a complete and full practice. I can only be informed and inspired by them, but I cannot rely on them. [Read more…]