Investigating Hekates Night

This is not an ancient festival and yet it also kind of is. Kind of. The struggle we have with this festival is that it is kind of based on an ancient festival, or two or three. Read more

Making Your Paganism Local – Begin at Home

We put these and many more non-native plants into our Books of Shadows, we add all sorts of animals that only live in zoos in our country and we pretend it means something Read more

Which Moon – New Moon vs Dark Moon vs New Moon

There is nothing called the dark moon in astronomy, and our new moon, that beginning waxing crescent, is generally not listed on your basic astronomical moon calendar. Read more

Miasma and Cleansing Self After Moving Home

The level of miasma that must surround me is pretty bad, even with regular basic cleansing with khernips and other similar things. I mean, I swear I can almost physically feel it on me – that’s how bad it is. Read more

Why I am a Hearth Witch and What is Hearth Witchery Anyway?

The hearth being, once upon a time, the centre of the home, makes Hearth Witchery the witchcraft that revolves around the home. It is very similar, and in some cases identical to, Kitchen Witchery or Domestic Witchcraft. Read more

Playing Favourites With the Gods

Hekate is my “favourite” – because, if I had to choose only one deity to worship, honour, offer to, then it would be Her, hands down, no contest, no hesitation. Read more

The Four Gods Who Are Most Important to Me

However it came to be, whatever the reason – the Gods who are part of my regular practice have become very important parts of my life. Read more

The Witch Who Hates Spells

I would gather all the materials, set aside a time … read the chant or poem or whatever in a stilted voice. And my Gods but did I always feel like a complete idiot. Read more

The Many Phases of My Paganism

Writing about how I became Pagan in a single post is probably a good idea – so here we go! Read more

Using Wallpapers to Memorise Pagan Things

Using multiple images of the Orphic Hymn to Hekate … I have actually finally been able to memorise it in full and it only took me a few days. Read more