Grandma and the Ostara Storm – A Pagan Childrens Book

In essence, this book could perhaps be seen as a story that normalises Ostara as much as Easter is normalised – it needs no explanation, because it is what it is. The story is simply based on the time of Ostara, but it is actually about the season and the weather. [Read more…]

Hekate Goddess of the Underworld

As a lead up to Samhain in the southern hemisphere, here is another post that looks at something about death and the afterlife. Today we’re looking at Hekate (surprise, surprise) and Her role in the Underworld, the afterlife and in death. [Read more…]

The Gods Are More Than Their Symbols

The Gods are real, living beings and They are just as, if not more, complex than you and I. Sure, They might rule over this and that and this other thing, but that isn’t the whole of Them. They are more than what They rule over. [Read more…]

The Aztec Afterlife

For the Aztecs, the method of your death is what determines where you will go and what will happen to you – no matter how you lived your life, how good you were, how bad you were. So long as you died a certain way, you would go to a specific afterlife. [Read more…]

Home Education Isn’t All Conservatives and Christians

There are two stereotypes about home educators in Australia – one is the conservative right wing stereotype, the other is the barefoot hippie stereotype. [Read more…]

Do Our Stereotypes Keep us Safe?

By keeping the displeasing stuff out of the public eye, we keep ourselves safe. We keep from being burnt, attacked, our homes and businesses vandalised. [Read more…]

Undoing the Hard Work of Pagan Pioneers

The problem here is that the myths and stereotypes our predecessors dispelled weren’t all myths and stereotypes. And the information they spread about us is not exactly entirely true. [Read more…]

Iphigenia – The Human Origins of Hekate

In this post we are going to look at another myth about Hekate, the one where She begins life as the very human Iphigenia. [Read more…]

Tauri Princess – The Human Origins of Hekate

In this post I am going to explore one of the origin stories of Hekate, that in which she is apparently human. [Read more…]

All About Khernips

Making khernips is extremely simple! So simple that honestly, even if you aren’t Hellenic, it’s a method you should consider using for any of your usual cleansing rituals and tasks. [Read more…]