Peter Kreeft on hell–a “Hellbound?” outtake

Catholic apologist Peter Kreeft on hell from Kevin Miller on Vimeo.

About Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller is an award-winning screenwriter, director and producer who has applied his craft to numerous documentaries, feature films and shorts. Recent projects include "The Chicken Manure Incident," "Hellbound?," "Drop Gun," "No Saints for Sinners," "spOILed," "Sex+Money," "With God On Our Side," "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," "After..." and the upcoming biopic "The Divine Comedy of Thomas Merton." In addition to his work in film, Kevin has written, co-written and edited over 45 books. He lives in Kimberley, BC, Canada with his wife and four children.

  • AnneG

    Reading your interview and seeing this clip of Dr Kreeft, I could not help but think that the question is much more a Catholic one than “progressive Protestant.” I do not know if you deal with the issue, but many Catholic theologians say Hell is a state rather than a place, including Pope Benedict XVI. In Catholic teaching God does not send anyone to hell, you send yourself by rejecting God. Further, our reason for existence is not to escape hell, but to know, love and serve God in this life and be happy with Him in the next. Does the movie deal with these issues?

    • Kevin Miller

      Yes, we definitely deal with these issues from a Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant perspective.