Coming to a theater near you in 2013

After a brief break for the holidays, we will continue to screen Hellbound? in a variety of locations throughout the first quarter of 2013. Here is a list of upcoming dates:

  • Jan. 10 – Victoria, BC
  • Jan. 16-17 – Waterloo, ON
  • Jan. 17-21 – San Francisco (I’ll be there to do Q&A)
  • Jan. 18-21 – Columbus, OH
  • Jan. 21 – Trinity Western University, Langley, BC (I’ll be there to do Q&A)
  • Jan. 30 – Cleveland, OH
  • Feb. 3 – Spokane International Film Festival
  • Feb. 26 – Regent College, Vancouver, BC (I’ll be there to do Q&A)
  • March 17 – De Witt Iowa

For details on all of these screenings, visit our Facebook event page.

If you don’t live in any of these cities but you’d like to bring Hellbound? to your town, just talk to your local theater manager. Corporate screening licenses are also available for churches, colleges and other groups. If you’d like to know more, please contact us for details.


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