A very touching response to “Hellbound?”

From a viewer who watched it last week:

My husband has been taking baby-steps out of a hard-line religious system and into grace for the entire 12 years of our marriage. Actually, his departure started with a complete rejection of all Christianity for seven years prior to our meeting. I think he needed that time to clean his palate . It has been a long haul, and the struggles definitely grew my patience (thank you Father). As someone who was overwhelmed by grace, it was hard for me to understand his slow progress. I see now that he had to drop one stronghold at a time.

Last week we watched Hellbound? together. Two days later, he watched it again. He processes things silently, so I had no idea what was going on in that sweet head of his. The next day, he went to Virginia to visit his mother. While he was there, he initiated contact with both of his brothers. Over the years, they had chosen destructive lifestyles (drugs, stealing, prison time, women). My husband had been estranged from them both for 25 years. He hadn’t even seen them once in that time. Both of his brothers were guarded and skeptical when Dave asked to see them. Such was the distrust between these brothers that one even packed heat to his reunion. Dave started each conversation by telling them he just wanted them to know he loved them. Walls fell. Conversations happened. Tears flowed, and an elderly mother rejoiced at the long-awaited reconciliation of her three boys. When his mother asked Dave why he reached out now, he said, “Because I see them with new eyes.” She pressed for a further explanation and he replied, “I see them now as if they are in heaven with me.” As he excitedly relayed his experiences with me he said, “San, I see every human being differently now! We really are all one.”

I am overwhelmed by love and gratitude to my Father for revealing this truth to my sweet, long-suffering spouse. He is finally free. I highly recommend this movie. It is available on Amazon for $3.99 for a week’s rental. You wont be able to watch it just once. Be blessed friends!

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