Sample some of the music from my upcoming documentary

The film is called “The Chicken Manure Incident.” It’s a 44-minute documentary that offers a unique perspective on the ongoing battle between the City of Abbotsford, BC (where I lived up until August) and it’s homeless and street-entrenched population, a conflict that was kicked off last June with city workers showed up early one morning and began dumping a truckload of chicken manure on a homeless camp.

The Chicken Manure Incident Official Trailer from Kevin Miller on Vimeo.

I “accidentally” shot the film last summer when Ward Draper, one of the principle subjects for another piece I was filming, became embroiled in the affair and went on to become one of the principle spokespeople for Abbotsford’s homeless.

I’m planning to premiere the film in the Abbotsford area and then do a series of fundraising screenings beginning in early 2014.

The Chicken Manure Incident features music from two of my favorite Canadian artists: Yuca, whose music has now appeared in three of my films (including spOILed, Hellbound?), and the inimitable Mr. Bennett, a prolific, polyphonic word and songsmith whom I had the pleasure of meeting on the Drew Marshall Show last year.

You can sample a taste of Mr. Bennett here. Tracks featured in the film include “Beautiful Waste of Time,” “She’s Just a Girl,” You’re Bad for Me,” “Velocity,” and “Alcatraz” (the latter two songs are from his Wordman of Alcatraz album).

Yuca has just released a new album, Rebuilding the Fallen Empire, which includes the song Where Are My Soldiers At? that underscores The Chicken Manure Incident trailer and also makes an appearance in the film, itself. You can check out their new video here.

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